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Critical Infrastructure Sectors

  Defense and Aerospace
  Energy and Utilities
  Financial Services
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SurePassID is proud to secure customers in 11 of 16 critical infrastructure sectors as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


SurePassID - a trusted name in MFA


3 of the 5 top defense contractors


2 Fortune 10 healthcare companies


2 federal law enforcement agencies


Oldest natural gas company in USA

What is SurePassID securing in your industry?

D&A Circle

Defense and Aerospace

Energy and Utilities Circle

Energy and Utilities

Healthcare Circle


Gov Circle


Financial Circle

Financial Services

MSP Circle 2

Managed Service Providers

Don't trust your critical infrastructure to dangerous public cloud MFA and cloud gateways

Don't create new risks

  • New holes in firewall
  • New attack vector endpoints
  • New software components to maintain, patch, and upgrade

Don't lose control

  • Shared SaaS instance 
  • Authentication data is in public cloud
  • 100% dependent on MFA vendor

Don't lack capability

  • Can't lock down air-gapped networks
  • Can't run in private clouds
  • Can't integrate with SIEM/SOAR platforms

Don't add costs

  • Extra monitoring and patching processes
  • Vendor-required upgrades that don’t meet planned IT infrastructure improvements

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