Hybrid Cloud MFA

   Benefit from private cloud MFA
   99.999% ("Five Nines") availability
   Phishing-resistant MFA and traditional MFA

SurePassID's advanced, deploy-anywhere MFA platform is a single pane of glass for user access in your hybrid cloud. Learn how easy it is to secure your public cloud with private cloud MFA.


The hybrid cloud MFA you need

You don't want to put your valuable data and applications in the public cloud. So why would you put your multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the public cloud?

SurePassID understands that public cloud MFA and cloud gateways are too risky for securing hybrid clouds.

We make it easy and cost-effective for enterprises to secure their hybrid clouds with private cloud MFA - the safest cybersecurity posture with the least risk.


Any user logon, for any app or domain, in the hybrid cloud

Domain and OS logons


SurePassID MFA for Windows/MacOS/Linux with Offline 2FA

Web apps


SurePassID MFA via SAML2 or REST API

Mobile apps


SurePassID MFA via OpenID Connect or REST API

Legacy apps


SurePassID MFA via RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS+, REST API, or native integration


SurePassID MFA for Windows/MacOS/Linux with Offline 2FA


SurePassID MFA via SAML2 or REST API


SurePassID MFA via OpenID Connect or REST API


SurePassID MFA via RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS+, REST API, or native integration

Any authentication method, any authenticator

Phishing-Resistant MFA and Passwordless MFA


Traditional MFA


Any cloud infrastructure provider

SurePassID is a cloud-native MFA platform that quickly and easily deploys in any private cloud by any cloud infrastructure provider.

Our install base covers just about every cloud infrastructure provider in the marketplace today:

  • Microsoft Azure Commercial, GCC, and GCC High
  • Amazon AWS and AWS GovCloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Managed service providers
  • On-premise data centers

Hybrid cloud MFA for Azure GCC High and CMMC 2.0 compliance

Where CUI goes, MFA must follow. That is the essence of MFA compliance with CMMC 2.0 Level 2 and 3.

SurePassID has vast experience in serving the U.S. defense industrial base (DIB) with on-premise MFA solutions - especially in Microsoft Azure GCC High.

Our supported deployment options in Azure and the Azure Marketplace include:

• Infrastructure-as-code (Bicep template)
• Virtual machine (Hyper-V)
• Container instance (ACI)

SurePassID also offers a SaaS Private managed hosting option for customers seeking a truly turnkey solution. As longtime specialists in on-premise MFA, we can do it all for you.


SaaS Private managed hosting option

You need an Azure GCC High instance or other private cloud environment for your MFA solution, but you don't want to manage it yourself. What do you do?

Enter SurePassID. We provide a SaaS Private managed hosting option for our advanced, deploy-anywhere MFA platform.

Dozens of customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to U.S. cities rely on us to manage their SurePassID MFA private clouds.

Benefit from our our tailored solutions, deep expertise, and unrivaled technical support. Get a truly turnkey solution from SurePassID and the peace of mind that comes with it.

MSP Circle 2

What our customers say about us

SurePassID is a valued partner for helping our clients achieve NIST 800-171 and CMMC 2.0 compliance. They meet requirements other MFA providers cannot and deliver outstanding support. We would recommend them to any company looking for a multi-factor authentication solution with a knowledgeable, committed team standing behind it.

SurePassID provided us with exceptional technical support during a major IT infrastructure transition that spanned two continents and our global satellite system, going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we achieved success and MFA continuity. They understand the mission-critical nature of our business like few other vendors.

In terms of support responsiveness, I have nothing but good things to say about SurePassID. Their team has always given us great support and responded to our issues and inquiries in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about SurePassID MFA for hybrid clouds

How does SurePassID recommend securing hybrid clouds with MFA?

With on-premise MFA. Relying on public cloud MFA and cloud gateways is too dangerous for critical infrastructure sectors.

Although our customers' cloud architectures, regulatory requirements, risk tolerances, budget limitations, and other factors are all different, SurePassID's advanced, deploy-anywhere MFA platform provides a right-sized, right-priced solution for them.


We want to do public cloud MFA regardless. Can SurePassID accommodate that?

Yes. SurePassID has a SaaS Public offering that hasn't experienced an outage since 2015.

Can SurePassID integrate with my IAM system?

Yes. As a SAML 2.0 IdP, SurePassID  adds plug-and-play MFA to your existing IAM solution, such as Microsoft Entra, Okta, or Ping.

SurePassID also integrates with Third-Party directory services, such as Workday, Oracle, and SAP.

We even integrate with legacy SCADA systems that have built-in user directories - or function as a standalone directory if need be.

What if we have a BYOD policy but some users still need tokens?

Not a problem. SurePassID provides a complete solution in conjunction with our ecosystem of token partners like Yubico, HID Global, and SmartDisplayer.

We have deep expertise in hardware authenticators ("tokens") including traditional MFA one-time password (OTP) generators for OATH HOTP/TOTP/OCRA and phishing-resistant MFA passkeys for FIDO2/WebAuthn.

Does SurePassID address hybrid clouds with B2C apps and millions of users?

Yes. As a right-sized, right-priced MFA solution, we easily and cost-effectively scale into B2C web and mobile apps with global user footprints and active user accounts in the tens of millions.

We typically use SAML 2.0 to add phishing-resistant MFA or traditional MFA to consumer web apps and OIDC to secure consumer mobile apps, with our REST API as an option.

Our cloud-native platform and 99.999% availability have been proven in customer deployments for global banks and consumer product companies.

Don't risk your hybrid cloud to public cloud MFA

Don't create new risks

  • New holes in firewall
  • New attack vector endpoints
  • New software components to maintain, patch, and upgrade

Don't lose control

  • Shared SaaS instance 
  • Authentication data is in public cloud
  • 100% dependent on MFA vendor

Don't lack capability

  • Can't lock down air-gapped networks
  • Can't run in private clouds
  • Can't integrate with SIEM/SOAR platforms

Don't add costs

  • Extra monitoring and patching processes
  • Vendor-required upgrades that don’t meet planned IT infrastructure improvements

Seeking an MFA solution for your hybrid cloud?

Hybrid clouds can present MFA challenges for Zero Trust and regulatory compliance. Talk to one of our experts and find out how SurePassID can provide a right-sized, right-priced MFA solution for your hybrid cloud.