MFA for
Account Takeover (ATO) Prevention

SurePassID prevents account takeover attacks that lead to ransomware and identity fraud incidents.

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Compromised Credentials = Game Over

For admins, enterprise users, and consumers, an account or credentials that are compromised lead to bad outcomes. Unnoticed lateral movement. A ransomware or killware attack. Identity fraud. And more breached accounts, given the prevalence of email-based account IDs and reused passwords.

Strong password policies won’t protect you. Neither will trying to deactivate compromised credentials quickly. You need multi-factor authentication (MFA) from SurePassID.


MFA prevents 99.9% of Account Takeover (ATO) attacks

SurePassID’s push, passwordless, and One-Time Password (OTP) authentication prevents account takeover attacks. But don’t take our word for it:

Does the following describe your organization?

MFA point solutions that increase authentication gaps, costs and complexity

MFA solution that creates friction for users

No MFA Solution

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we need to talk…

For organizations without MFA, SurePassID is the fastest, most cost-effective solution to securing their on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. Our highly extensible, highly secure Universal MFA platform deploys quickly and seamlessly across your systems, enabling you to authenticate everywhere with one single solution.

MFA solutions that create friction for end users can leave organizations just as vulnerable to ransomware and cyber attacks. If you are a B2C or SaaS company, don’t dissuade your consumers and customers from adopting MFA. Offer them an easy, frictionless alternative with SurePassID’s push or passwordless authentication.

MFA point solutions increase authentication gaps, costs and complexity – the last thing that IT teams need. Eliminate the budget pressures, system overlap, and blind spots associated with legacy, proprietary, and multiple MFA solutions. SurePassID Universal MFA can easily and cost-effectively secure your universe of apps, systems, and deployment environments.

An MFA solution should be a game changer

See how SurePassID can help you authenticate anywhere, eliminate passwords, and use one solution.