The MFA that OT needs

   99.999% ("Five Nines") availability
   Support for legacy apps and devices
   Air-gapped for maximum security

Operational Technology (OT) environments and critical infrastructure require an MFA solution that protects against cloud threats, safeguards plant uptime, and ensures safety for operators. That's SurePassID.


OT requires the right kind of MFA - SurePassID

The convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, is exposing OT systems and critical infrastructure to existential risks.
In response to this global security emergency, governments are mandating Zero Trust Architectures to secure users and applications that control infrastructure. But cloud-based cybersecurity solutions developed for IT are not appropriate for OT.
User authentication via public cloud gateways - think Duo and Okta - is common within IT enterprises. But that approach is too dangerous for OT environments and critical infrastructure. OT needs on-premise or air-gapped solutions.
That's why SurePassID's cloud-native MFA platform deploys where you need it. On-premise, in air-gapped networks, or via the public cloud, we have the right user authentication for OT.
Don't risk going without MFA - and don't risk the wrong kind of MFA for OT. Secure your OT environment, industrial control systems, and critical infrastructure with the right kind of MFA. SurePassID.

The most robust suite of MFA solutions for OT


Air-Gapped MFA

Why expose your most important data and applications? SurePassID eliminates the dangers of public cloud-based authentication.


Phishing-Resistant MFA

Yes, you can use FIDO2/WebAuthn in OT environments. Find out how SurePassID makes it possible with our deploy-anywhere platform.


SCADA Integrations

SurePassID integrates via SAML2 / RADIUS / LDAP / API, and has custom integrations for apps like EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert.


  Swissbit and SurePassID join forces to provide passwordless, phishing-resistant authentication - even within
air-gapped networks  |  Learn More

SurePassID delivers the benefits of MFA for OT

Five 9s availability

MFA is mission critical. SurePassID has the Five 9s (99.999%) availability, redundancy, and automatic failover you need.

Regulatory compliance

No matter what your OT cybersecurity mandate, SurePassID has the MFA solutions you need for compliance.

Zero Trust everywhere

SurePassID makes it easy to achieve Zero Trust in OT environments. Deploy MFA on-premise or air-gapped.

Outstanding ROI

User self-service. Administrative automation. Unrivaled technical support. Everything about SurePassID maximizes your ROI.

Cyber liability insurance

Securing system accounts with MFA is a foundational requirement of CLI. Achieve it rapidly and cost-effectively with SurePassID.

High security

SurePassID is hardened for critical infrastructure operators, high-security installations, and their supply chains.

Logging and audit trail

SurePassID delivers industry-best logging and audit trail for live user access monitoring and critical incident response.

Legacy system support

OT equipment and industrial control systems have long lifetimes. SurePassID works with whatever you have.

Frequently asked questions about SurePassID MFA for OT

What are SurePassID's deployment modes?

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS Public, SaaS Private)
  • Windows Installer Package (Microsoft Windows Server 2012-2022, any edition, and Microsoft Windows 8-11)
  • Virtual Machine (Microsoft Hyper-V)
  • Container Image (Docker/Kubernetes, Microsoft ACI, Amazon ECS)
  • Embedded (Windows 7 or later, Linux OpenEmbedded for 32/64-bit ARM/PPC/MIPS/x86)
  • Secure Element (NXP EdgeLock SE050/SE051, NXP A71CH/A71CL/A1006)

How long does it take to deploy SurePassID?

Cloud deployments can occur same day.

On-premise and air-gapped deployments will vary depending on the complexity of your requirements.

Regardless, our Customer Success team will be with you every step of the way.

Can SurePassID integrate with my IAM solution?

As a SAML 2.0 IdP, SurePassID easily and seamlessly adds MFA to any existing IAM solution, such as Okta or Ping Identity.

SurePassID also integrates with Third-Party directory services, such as Workday, Oracle, and SAP.

We even integrate with legacy SCADA systems that have built-in user directories.

What makes SurePassID better than other MFA solutions?

  1. Unmatched on-premise and air-gapped capabilities
  2. Outstanding technical support
  3. Unbeatable value

How secure is SurePassID?

SurePassID is the most hardened MFA solution on the market. We never stop innovating to protect our customers from evolving cyberthreats.

  • USA company
  • Secure SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)
  • Secure user and token provisioning (QR code to one-time-use provisioning page)
  • Comprehensive logging and audit trail
  • FIPS 140 mode
  • AES 256 encryption for data at rest
  • SHA 256 or SHA 512 encryption for data in iransit
  • And much more...

How much does SurePassID cost?

Visit for a complete guide to SurePassID Authentication Server pricing and features.

Get your solution from the experts in MFA for OT

Not all MFA solutions are created equal. Neither are all MFA vendors.

See how SurePassID and our industry-leading platform can help you solve the MFA challenges and pain points unique to OT.