MFA for
Managed Service Providers

  Air-gapped, on-premise, and hybrid cloud MFA
  Automated deployment and administration
  Passwordless, phishing-resistant MFA

SurePassID provides advanced, deploy-anywhere MFA for MSPs and MSSPs serving clients that need on-premise solutions.

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Making on-premise MFA easy for MSPs

On-premise multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an occasional client requirement that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can't address with their existing public cloud MFA solutions.

If any of your clients need an on-premise MFA solution, turn to SurePassID. We make it easy for MSPs and MSSPs to integrate, deploy, administer, and upgrade on-premise MFA:

  • Resell, refer, or have no formal relationship at all - SurePassID works with you on your terms, not ours.
  • Deploy, manage, and bill via Microsoft Azure Marketplace - or use one of our different options.
  • Lean on SurePassID's expertise and technical support - we're the experts in on-premise MFA so you don't have to be.

Easy to deploy, maintain, update - and resell

SurePassID is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, making it easy to trial, deploy, and maintain - and resell - our advanced, deploy-anywhere MFA solutions.

Supported Azure Marketplace offer types include:

  • Software as a service
  • Azure virtual machine

Passwordless, phishing-resistant MFA for a frictionless user experience

Not all on-premise client deployments can benefit from passwordless, phishing-resistant MFA - but if they can, SurePassID makes it possible.

Our advanced, deploy-anywhere MFA can deliver a frictionless user experience, enhanced security, and an additional layer of protection against phishing attacks.

We have an on-premise SAML2 IdP for FIDO2/WebAuthn passkeys, which use biometrics or cryptographic keys to provide an added level of security and replace traditional passwords.

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Seamless fallback authentication methods like OTP for offline scenarios

At SurePassID, we understand the pain involved in offline scenarios. We solve it with automated fallback methods that leverage compliant HMAC-based one-time password (HOTP) authentication methods without any interruption to the user experience.

No matter whether your on-premise clients are using traditional MFA or phishing-resistant MFA, SurePassID makes it easy to avoid the user support calls that come with offline scenarios.

We serve critical infrastructure sectors - do you?

SurePassID has been providing MFA solutions to MSPs and MSSPs that serve critical infrastructure sectors since 2012.

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