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   Easy to administer
   User self-service portal

SurePassID streamlines administration with the most automation and scalability management tools of any MFA solution


AI and Automation

SurePassID Authentication Server is highly automated to streamline the administration of multi-factor authentication (MFA). As a full Microsoft stack solution, SurePassID leverages its tight integration with Microsoft applications. A sampling of the admin capabilities that we automate include:

  • Creation of Azure GCC High private cloud instances with SurePassID Authentication Server fully installed
  • AI-based monitoring of user access patterns for risk management and proactive/reactive intervention
  • OATH TOTP (time-based) crystal drift compensation
  • Authenticator and password resets (in conjunction with password managers like Keeper)

Single Pane of Glass

SurePassID's unsurpassed 360° view of user access enables administrators to understand at a glance the risk profile of users across endpoints. Whether accessing the SurePassID Admin Console or sync'ing logs and data to your SIEM/SOAR/XDR solution, we give you the single pane of glass that Trusted Access and Zero Trust requires.


Customize Everything

From administrator alerts and emails to MFA retry attempt limits and time-out periods, SurePassID gives you the power to customize everything. Why? Because our customers want it that way.

Sure, SurePassID deploys with tried and tested MFA default settings that work for hundreds of customers in dozens of industries - but we know that every enterprise is unique. Rather than force you to do MFA the SurePassID way, SurePassID empowers you to do MFA the way your organization requires.


High-Volume User and Authenticator Management

Some of the world’s largest enterprises use SurePassID Authentication Server to provision users and authenticators in the hundreds of thousands. SurePassID has developed the special capabilities required to manage high-volume MFA deployments. We enable the provisioning or deprovisioning of tens of thousands of new users and authenticators in minutes. We also streamline management of an industry-leading mix of authenticator types and protocols, enabling you to meet any use case within your enterprise – no matter how large it is.


User Self-Provisioning and User Self-Service Portal

SurePassID Authentication Server streamlines MFA administration and dramatically reduces help desk support requirements by empowering users to manage their own MFA. From self-provisioning to authenticator (and password) resets, SurePassID sets a new standard for providing immediate solutions to users with MFA questions or issues.


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