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We are a team of industry visionaries, brilliant engineers, and customer servants.

Together we deliver MFA solutions that protect the vital interests of America and our allies.

  Florida corporation founded in 2012
  Privately held and unencumbered
  All employees are U.S. citizensrivately


SurePassID's history at a glance


Our founder

markpoidomaniMark Poidomani is a security industry pioneer and inventor with more than 30 years of information technology security and management experience. Holder of multiple patents, his inventions have been licensed to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and First Data. Prior to founding SurePassID, he was CTO of Innovative Card Technologies (InCard), CTO of Privasys (now FiTeq), VP of IT at ISR Global Telecom, and spent eight years leading product development at Computer Associates (CA).

  • 8 issued patents in authentication and cryptography
  • 1st authentication server for secure online payments
  • 1st cloud-based, multi-tenant authentication service
  • 1st MFA server-on-a-chip
  • 1st chip-to-cloud MFA solution for IoT

Our headquarters


Our Mission

We have one mission – to make the world a safer place through cybersecurity. At SurePassID, specializing in authentication solutions for IT/OT systems and critical infrastructure isn’t just what we do. It’s how we protect our customers against the cybercriminals and hostile foreign actors in our connected world.

Our Vision

SurePassID seeks to help create a digital world where nations, organizations, and individuals are safely and securely connected, instead of living in worry and fear. As we work toward that future, we hope our innovative drive and uncompromising solutions inspire other participants in the cyber ecosystem to pursue that vision too.

Our Values

We embrace the Golden Rule – do business with others as we would have them do business with us. That means being committed, responsive, and mindful with each other, our customers and partners, and the larger world. Together we are making a positive impact on cybersecurity, from individual users to globe-spanning organizations.


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