Phishing-Resistant MFA

  True passwordless options
  Converged logical/physical credentials

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) hardened against phishing attacks for Zero Trust architectures and regulatory compliance


Lock down your biggest attack surface with phishing-resistant MFA

User access is every organization’s biggest attack surface. Hostile actors exploit it to spread ransomware and penetrate critical infrastructure systems. The result is ever-increasing remediation costs and liability risks.

Enter phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA). Based on the FIDO2/WebAuthn protocol - a WC3 standard - this form of multi-factor authentication hardens the second factor in the authentication process. As a result, users can no longer be tricked into revealing their access information or otherwise have their access compromised.

Phishing-resistant MFA was elevated to the "gold standard" by the White House in Executive Order M-22-09: Moving the U.S. Government Toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles. All federal agencies are required to implement phishing-resistant MFA by 2024. Increasingly, state governments and companies are implementing phishing-resistant MFA too.

SurePassID enables phishing-resistant MFA to be deployed everywhere, for everyone, using every kind of user authenticator (token) - while supporting OIDC, OTP, and fallback authentication methods. The result is the most comprehensive MFA solution for high-scalability, high-availability demands.


SurePassID phishing-resistant MFA in action

We deliver the benefits of phishing-resistant MFA

Phishing defense

Unyielding defense against deception

Confidently protect users from advanced phishing attacks with SurePassID's phishing-resistant MFA, ensuring genuine access requests every time.

User Phishing

Seamless user experience

Streamline secure access with a solution that effortlessly integrates into your infrastructure, allowing users to authenticate without friction across all apps and devices.

Phishing Integration

Extensible across platforms

SurePassID's MFA is versatile, supporting a myriad of user authenticators – from FIDO2 hardware tokens to mobile push – ensuring comprehensive security across all platforms.

Phishing Future

Future-proof cybersecurity

Align with global cybersecurity standards, including the FIDO2/WebAuthn protocol, with SurePassID. Be equipped with an MFA solution that's not just robust for today but prepared for tomorrow's threats.


How much more secure is phishing-resistant MFA?

One of the most common questions our MFA experts are asked is, “Is the MFA we’re using compliant – or even or all that secure?”

Not all types of MFA are created equal. Find out why.

What is phishing-resistant MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) that renders the authentication process resistant to attackers intercepting or tricking users into revealing their access information using phishing attacks – spear phishing, smishing, vishing, brute force attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, replay attacks, and credential stuffing.

Strongly binds authenticator and identity

Credential issuer proofs user identities and binds them to PIV smartcards or FIDO2 tokens (either issued or user-provided).

Eliminates shared secrets

X.509 cert (private key) burned into smartcard chip or token at manufacture. Cannot be exported or tampered with.

Only works with known and trusted parties

Cryptographically attested with private-public key pairings.

User must both initiate and authorize a login action

A PIN code, biometric validation, or button press is used to prove that the user authorized the login.

A phishing-resistant MFA solution should do it all

SurePassID can help you deploy phishing-resistant MFA everywhere, eliminate passwords, and use one solution. Find out how.