Proxy Server MFA

Secure legacy devices without user accounts or second factor support with SurePassID MFA and the proxy server solution of your choice.


Proxy server MFA - when all else fails

It's the nightmare scenario for OT and critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Legacy devices which lack user accounts or have no second factor support.

Either you replace or modernize the device...or you use a proxy server to enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for users.

A proxy server like NGINX can be configured to sit between the user and device, acting as an MFA gateway to the device. With SurePassID you also receive all the other benefits of our advanced, deploy-anywhere platform, like industry-best logging and audit trail.

This last-resort approach to adding MFA is not ideal - and may not be available, depending on equipment disablement policies for operators - but it remains one more source of extensibility for SurePassID.