• Enterprise Security

    Industry Leading Two-Factor Authentication

    We give businesses the power to secure their people and privacy. Take that, cyber criminals.

    Two-factor authentication can stop costly security breaches before they happen. SurePassID protects your employees and customers with advanced enterprise security. Enjoy access to everything you need to deploy simple strong two-factor authentication on one customizable platform. We’ve got you covered: HIPAA, PCI, DFARS, NIST, GLBA/SOX, or others, SurePassID delivers secure and cost-effective authentication for all your compliance needs.

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  • Government Security Solutions

    The Most Powerful Weapon Against Cyber Fraud

    Our country may have the most powerful military on the planet but we are definitely challenged on the cyber security battlefield. Two-factor authentication is now a critical weapon necessary to authenticate personnel, contractors, and privileged access users. If you don’t have it, your agency or government contractor services are vulnerable to cyber impersonation attacks and account take-over fraud. SurePassID specializes in high-security infosec requirements for connected and offline environments for government agencies, military branches, and government contractors. We deliver identity assurance and compliance solutions for NIST, DFARS, GDPR, and any other state regulations requiring multi-factor authentication and we deliver it quick, convenient, and cost-effective, all from the US.

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  • Financial Security Solutions

    Identity Security is the Key to Prevent Financial Fraud

    SurePassID offers the latest financial security technologies to prevent fraud from happening so you don’t have to rely on detection and forensics to chase it. You can prevent account takeover fraud and eliminate card-not-present fraud. Yes, ELIMINATE CNP fraud! Why not make it simple and convenient for your customers at the same time?

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  • FIDO Certified

    Seamless Security Across Multiple Channels

    Take your security standard to the next level with FIDO certified security. FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is the open standard for Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) protocol, as well as the Universal Second Factor (U2F) protocol. SurePassID is FIDO certified, granting you the power to employ multiple types of two-factor authentication across various platforms.

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  • Welcome to Token Central.

    Need Security Tokens? We’ve Got Options!

    Hard, soft, virtual, temporary, mobile, biometric—we offer every type of token you could ever need for two-factor authentication. From the new FIDO Security Keys, to OTP Display Cards, to the standard OATH two-factor fobs, we have a wide variety of tokens and authenticators available. We can deliver tokens for existing authentication platforms, as well as for new, modern authentication solutions.
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Customized Security for Your Business

On-premises or in the cloud, SurePassAuth Server provides the same world-class, robust and reliable authentication services for employees and customers alike, through any channel, any network, with any device. Around here, it’s your way, or the highway!

Take a Free Test Drive.

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Eliminate Insecure Passwords 

SurePassID enables you to quickly offer FIDO security for your web and mobile apps at a fraction of traditional authentication costs. FIDO is a “bring your own security” model enabling your employees or customers to protect their online and mobile accounts by simply opting in with their own FIDO key or mobile authenticator easily obtainable on Amazon.

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Cost-Competitive Mobile Security 

SurePassID Mobile Authenticator and Desktop/Laptop Authenticator apps are free downloads offering the lowest-cost option for multi-factor authentication soft tokens. SurePassID Mobile Authenticator can also be used in offline situations where there is no access to existing corporate networks. Both apps can store an unlimited number of OTP soft tokens.

Download SurePassID Mobile Authenticator app

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Enjoy the FREEdom of Push Authentication

Push Authentication has become one of the most popular authentication methods due to its cost (free forever!), versatility and convenience. The versatility comes from the range of authentication levels you can achieve in a single app such as in-app pop-up notifications, branded Approve/Deny user interface, On-phone biometrics, API’s for integration into apps, temporary codes and more.

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Two-Factor Authentication For Windows 

The SurePassID Credential Provider is a Windows Credential Provider plug-in component that adds Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to any Windows system. The SurePassID Credential Provider protects laptops, desktops, and servers from attacks when locally logging onto a Windows device or login via Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS). SurePassID Credential Provider also supports offline authentication.

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Need a World-Class Authentication Solution Up and Running Quickly?

User identity is the last frontier of security. No matter how good your perimeter security and intrusion detection systems are, access still boils down to one thing: user identity. And if that identity is not authenticated, you WILL be hacked. To make matters worse, the average security breach costs the impacted company upwards of $4 million. But you already know all of this, that’s why you’re here.

SurePassID offers the most secure way to authenticate your users, whether they are employees, customers, vendors, guests or IoT devices.  With SurePassID, you get everything you need to quickly and easily authenticate people through any channel of access, from any device and at any time.

Entry-level solutions start with 10 “Free Forever” user licenses, free soft tokens, Single Sign-On and unlimited authentications. Our flat fee per user per year pricing makes our robust solution ridiculously affordable and free of surprises.

Take SurePassID for a test drive and see for yourself how easy it is to get started. We can’t wait for you to experience firsthand how good it feels to trust the users logging into your systems, websites and mobile apps.

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Hard tokens, soft tokens, virtual tokens, mobile tokens, un-tokens
  • “Our organization has been using the SurePass 2 Factor Authentication service for 3+ years and our users have nothing but praises for the service. The service is very easy to use and was simple to integrate into our existing solution. In fact, we have multiple applications using the service and the list continues to grow. SurePassID provided us with all the technical documentation even before the order was placed. The SurePassID team has been very helpful and provides a quick turn-around time when it comes to issue resolution and post-implementation support.”

    Sude S., Sr. Project Manager, MCSCS, Toronto Government,
    Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

  • “SurePass provided us with an affordable, strong authentication solution for our Salesforce.com users. We deployed the SurePass Smartphone Authenticator apps and the SurePass Cloud Security-As-A-Service solution. The deployment was smooth and worked the first time since Salesforce supports third-party authentication solutions. We now feel much more comfortable with having our entire customer and sales contact management system in the cloud knowing that it is secured with two-factor access.”

    – Fernando Lara, CEO, Singular Security


    “SurePass has helped increase our System’s security with the use of their OTP Authorization Cards.  We went with a custom design on our cards that came out perfect. Their customer service is outstanding; they are always available to answer any questions we have.” 

    – Josh Carcione, Director of Technology, Bank Card Funding



    Aetna’s policy forbids employees to allow personal statements to be published. However, Tim Tompkins will be happy to accept a phone call or e-mail request for a reference.

    – Tim Tompkins, CIO, Aetna

  • “We selected the SurePass Cloud Security solution due to their performance and professionalism during a multiple vendor competition for a two-factor authentication solution for our VPN and Outlook Web Access users. They listened to what was important to us, provided a solution summary reflecting what we wanted and, most important of all, delivered what they promised in the most expedient and efficient manner.  We were up and running and trained in about two hours. Very impressive.”

    – Rodney Dor, PMP, CISA, CISSP, Information Systems, Sr. Security Analyst, Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)

Come On and Take a Free Ride…

Sign up for a FREE SurePassID Cloud Authentication sandbox account and test drive the most advanced and robust authentication solution on the planet.  Setup is quick and easy. It only takes 3 minutes and you don’t need a credit card. Enjoy instant access to all features and documentation. You can use our free Mobile Authenticator app, or you can register a FIDO key if you already have one.

Identity security and user authentication are essential for businesses with customers, employees and/or personal identifiable information (PII), especially if your need is driven by compliance pressures.  We make it easy for you to cover every channel, every user, and every device with the superstrength shield of multi-factor authentication. Get SurePassID today!
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