What will it take for IT security to become a priority?

In denial about IT SecurityLast year 91% of large enterprises and 87% of SMBs suffered a cyber attack.  Yet less than half – yes, that’s <50% – see security as a priority.

It’s easy to accuse big and small businesses of being in denial about cyber liability and brand damage.  Management is often naive to the risks they run by under-prioritizing IT security.  Awareness of non-compliance penalties with regulatory regimes like HIPAA/HITECH and PIPEDA may be imperfect.  And who hasn’t met an executive who thinks changing his or her password every 30 days is an unbearable burden?

But other factors are in play too, including resource constraints.  The Ponemon Institute’s latest research report, The Risk of an Uncertain Security Strategy, highlights two familiar barriers to implementing an effective IT security policy:

  • Lack of budget
  • Lack of skilled personnel

This is why SurePassID exists.  Our vision for identity, cloud and mobile security is based on the democratization of security.  We leverage the cloud, virtualization and on-demand pricing to provide a comprehensive solution that is as cost-effective as it is easy to deploy and administer.

Forget the legacy on-premises incumbents like RSA and Vasco and their prohibitively complex and costly solutions that don’t scale to the cloud or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  SurePassID delivers cloud-based, multi-tenant, massively scalable security to every user, every application, and every device – for a fraction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).