North America

“SurePass provided us with an affordable, strong authentication solution for our users. We now feel much more comfortable with having our entire customer and sales contact management system in the cloud knowing that it is secured with two-factor access.”

Singular Security is a leading firm specializing in delivering security configurations management services designed to mitigate both the computing and company-wide policy compliance requirements supported by on-going superlative support.

North America

Insyndia Global focuses on three secure authentication services: Versatile Authentication Server (VAS), Strong Authentication Mechanisms, and Single Sign On (SSO). As a result, they can assist companies in accessing multiple applications without compromising security.

North America

R2 Cybersecurity is the Gulf Coast’s premier Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Their job is to provide IT security services that help protect mission-critical assets and protect people against the threats that exist in cyberspace.

Middle East and West Africa

Infotech Systems‘ primary focus is providing total payment solutions to the banking industry. Infotec Systems Group of companies consists of Infotec Systems s.a.r.l. and Infotec Systems (Offshore) s.a.l.. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, Infotech operates subsidiaries in Jordan (Infotec Systems Jordan Ltd.), UAE (Infotec Systems LLC), and Nigeria (Cardtec Systems Ltd.), as well as offshore operations in the following countries: Egypt, Ghana and Saudi Arabia.

Australia and New Zealand

CDS Security is an expert provider of integrated flexible security systems. They are trusted to provide custom security solutions for Australia’s largest and most vulnerable financial institutions, government departments and corporations.

SurePassID is committed to delivering world-class identity, cloud and mobile security solutions with our trusted partners. Take advantage of the integration and customization expertise of the partners in your region.

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