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We Provide Unsurpassed Mobile Security Solutions

SurePassID is committed to delivering next-generation identity, cloud and mobile security solutions with our trusted partners. Together, we are building an authentication ecosystem that encompasses resellers, integrators, managed services providers, device manufacturers, mobile network operators, semiconductor companies, and more.

Resellers, VARs, MSPs

SurePassID enables resellers to offer their customers a complete multi-factor authentication and secure single sign-on solution. Are you a Managed Services Provider (MSP) or Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) seeking new revenues and competitive differentiation? Then offer SurePassID to your customers or rebrand our solution as your own. SurePassID is easy to deploy and administer, and with no hardware to install, our multi-tenant architecture is ideal for serving hundreds or thousands of customers from a single virtual machine.


SurePassID is the rapid way to integrate passwordless, transparent multi-factor authentication into applications, products and systems. Are you an integrator or developer seeking to provide secure account login to a mobile app, payment platform, or internet-connected consumer product? Do you need to lock down access to devices or components within a smart system? Then integrate SurePassID’s authentication solution into your offering. A few API calls are all it takes to incorporate flexible, scalable, next-generation security.

Device Manufacturers

SurePassID is the fastest path to market for device manufacturers seeking to secure their offerings with multi-factor authentication. Are you a device manufacturer developing an internet-connected consumer IoT product or a FIDO-enabled authentication device? SurePassID can save you months – sometimes years – of time-to-market with our comprehensive solution, which includes APIs, a robust SDK and comprehensive documentation.

Mobile Network Operators

SurePassID makes it easy to secure mobile networks, app stores, and payments with passwordless, transparent multi-factor authentication. Are you a mobile network operator seeking non-repudiation for Card Not Present (CNP) transactions on your network, either for yourself or participating merchants? A few API calls and SurePassID’s massive scalability are all it takes.

Semiconductor Companies

SurePassID offers 8-bit and 16-bit versions of our authentication client for securing microcontrollers and sensors within the Internet of Things (IoT). Are you a semiconductor company seeking greater value-add and new revenue streams? Then integrate SurePassID’s authentication solution to offer your customers a ready-made security architecture for locking down machine boundaries and intelligent systems. Our massive scalability, multi-tenancy, and clustering are unique.

For more information on becoming a SurePassID partner, email or call +1 (888) 200-8144.

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