Management Team

Mark Poidomani - SurePassID Founder & CEO

Mark Poidomani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer

security industry pioneer and inventor with more than 25 years of information technology security and management experience. Holder of multiple patents, his inventions have been licensed to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and First Data. Prior to founding SurePassID, he was CTO of Innovative Card Technologies (InCard), CTO of Privasys (now FiTeq), and spent 8 years leading product development at Computer Associates (CA). View Mark’s LinkedIn profile.

Kevin Raineri - SurePassID VP, Sales & Customer Delivery

Kevin Raineri

Vice President, Sales & Customer Delivery

Kevin Raineri has over 25 years of experience in high-tech sales, security technology and customer delivery. Prior to joining SurePassID, he led sales for Innovative Card Technologies (InCard) and All Covered (Konica Minolta), directed professional services at Open-Ended Systems, and ran information services at Adray’s Appliances & Electronics. He is also a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS). View Kevin’s LinkedIn profile.

Julian Tan - SurePassID Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Julian Tan

Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Based in Singapore, Julian brings more than 20 years of enterprise software sales experience in identity, access and security solutions. He has lived and worked in China and developed partnerships that reach from Pakistan to Japan. Prior to joining SurePassID, he served as Director APAC for Password Bank (Symantec) and APAC Business Development Manager for PassLogix (Oracle). View Julian’s LinkedIn profile.

In addition to the SurePassID solution, our management team has built, deployed, and supported market-leading security solutions and enterprise software from companies including Computer Associates, SAS, Thomson-Reuters, Oracle, Symantec and Konica Minolta.

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