Secure SSO with OneCard

Applications and user accounts aren’t the only risk elements multiplying in enterprise identity and access management. User credentials are multiplying too

A single enterprise user can easily have a dozen or more credentials:

  • Applications (user accounts)
  • Domain login (smart card)
  • Remote access (VPN)
  • Physical access (HID Global RFID)
  • ID badge (photo ID or magstripe)

Unequaled Logical Security

SurePassID OneCard offers OATH-compliant multi-factor authentication in three different methods, generating One Time Password (OTP) cryptograms up to 8 digits long:

  • OATH Event-based OTP
  • OATH Time-based OTP
  • OATH Challenge/Response

Industry-Standard Physical Security

SurePassID OneCard supports industry-standard physical security credentials, allowing enterprises to customize a OneCard for their existing infrastructures:

  • HID Global Prox, iCLASS, or Wiegand for physical access
  • PKI smart chip including .Net or JavaCard smart chips (optional)
  • Magstripe on back (optional)

Additional Features

SurePassID OneCard has an ISO 7816 compliant card body for compatibility with smart chip readers and reverse-transfer dye sublimation printers. OneCard is available with custom graphics or in plain white for printing with FARGO-brand printers and other compatible printers. Slot punch options are also available.

SurePassID solves the problem with OneCard, the world’s first all-in-one converged security credential. OneCard combines strong multi-factor authentication for logical security with HID Global’s physical security technology and a printable employee credential. The result is dramatic cost savings, increased convenience for users, and best-in-class security across the enterprise.Download OneCard Datasheet

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