Secure SSO for the Enterprise

SurePassID’s Secure SSO solves all of these problems in the enterprise. It delights users with one-click access to apps, automates vital processes for IT organizations, delivers productivity gains across the enterprise, and ensures the security and auditing safeguards needed for compliance.

Does this sound familiar?

  • New on-premises, web, cloud and mobile apps are being added daily
  • User accounts are multiplying at a staggering rate
  • Forgotten passwords and provisioning/deprovisioning requests are spiraling out of control
  • IT organizations are becoming overwhelmed
  • Productivity is declining across the enterprise
  • Security and compliance is imperiled



It Starts with Security

SurePassID’s Secure SSO is the world’s most secure and compliant Single Sign-On solution. Unmatched security, encryption, and auditing features are only the start. Secure SSO also supports the widest range of authentication methods and devices, allowing enterprises to choose the best configuration for their needs.

One-Click Access to All Apps

SurePassID’s Secure SSO delivers the convenience employees expect and the productivity enterprises demand.  A single username and password grants access to all authorized apps, no matter whether those apps are on-premises, web, cloud, or mobile.

From On-Premises to the Cloud

SurePassID’s Secure SSO is a next-generation solution that supports any deployment scenario.  Larger enterprises can deploy Secure SSO on-premises or in private clouds as a virtual appliance.  Smaller enterprises can deploy Secure SSO in the Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model via a public cloud.

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

SurePassID’s Secure SSO enables enterprises to secure corporate and personal devices.  From iOS to Android to BlackBerry, it’s easy to embrace BYOD without sacrificing security or compliance.  Secure SSO also allows access to be restricted by IP range, date/time ranges, and geographic location.

Seamless Integration with Identity Stores

SurePassID’s Secure SSO has one-click integration with existing identity stores.  No matter what the existing identity infrastructure – Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, SAML – Secure SSO can leverage it for the fastest and most seamless deployment possible.

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