Secure Single Sign-On (Secure SSO)

Secure one-click access to any application, on any cloud-connected device, by any authorized user

What is Secure SSO?

SurePassID’s Secure Single Sign-On (Secure SSO) makes it easy to control the proliferation of URLs, usernames and passwords that come with cloud adoption. With one click users can sign in to SurePassID and access their authorized applications, no matter what kind of cloud-connected device they are using. This increases user productivity and cost-effectiveness, while delivering the most secure and compliant solution available.  Learn more about:

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)
Secure SSO provides safe, one-click access to any application, on any cloud-connected device, by any authorized user.

No more URLs, Usernames, and Passwords

With SurePassID users launch their cloud, web, mobile and on-premises applications with one click. They no longer have to remember and manually enter URLs, usernames, and passwords.

Putting the “Any” into Any Device

How does SurePassID put the “any” into any device? With a browser-based, platform-agnostic solution that works on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. And because it’s Secure SSO, you can embrace the Bring Your Own (BYO) movement with compliance-grade security.

Thousands of Applications

SurePassID’s Secure SSO is built on the OASIS SAML 2.0 standard supporting the Web Browser SSO Profile. Start securely using public SSO apps such as Google AppsMicrosoft Office 365Salesforce.comWebExCitrix ShareFile and XenAppBox, and thousands more. Or add your own custom SAML 2.0 applications with a single click.

Unrivaled Security – and Unrivaled Flexibility

SurePassID offers policy-based controls that allow you to limit access to specific applications based on user-configurable time, location, and IP number range constraints. Users can also have multiple roles which contain different authorized applications and devices. It’s the perfect combination of security and flexibility to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Custom Integration Service

Have existing internal applications you would like to enable in Secure SSO? SurePassID can do that for you!

Want to find out more about Secure SSO? Email or call +1 (888) 200-8144.

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