Mobile Payments Secured

Secure all your mobile payments with user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to integrate multi-factor authentication

Secure your mobile payments with SurePassID and…

-Eliminate passwords

-Eliminate cyber fraud

-Prevent account takeover fraud

-Skip installing software or hardware—we make it so much easier!

-Get compliance-grade security without compliance-grade costs

We welcome you to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that comes from having a robust, flexible, multi-layered defense system against unauthorized account access and transactions. Sign up for your free trial today!


Over 79% of Americans shop online, most of which are at risk of cyber fraud because they rely on standard single-factor authentication. While chip cards have reduced fraudulent in-store purchases, cyber fraud is at an all time high. Our next-generation security solutions offer the fastest and most cost-effective path to truly secure mobile payments.

How do we know our mobile security systems are unbreakable? For starters, we have decades of experience delivering PCI DSS regulatory compliance, as well as cloud-based, multi-tenant, massively scalable architecture. Our combined experience allows us to deliver an end-to-end solution that protects payment accounts at every level – in the cloud, in applications, and in hardware. By seamlessly integrating with apps and devices, SurePassID offers user-friendly and biometric FIDO authentication, along with unrivaled scalability across mobile networks.


Eliminate Passwords and Cyber Fraud

Users hate entering passwords on mobile devices, and passwords are not even secure, so why not eliminate them? With SurePassID you can! We leverage the new FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standard to deliver user-friendly, password-less multi-factor authentication. The result is a revolution in the user experience that enables you to differentiate your offering, increase customer retention, and reduce the costs of multi-factor authentication.

No Software or Hardware to Install

SurePassID seamlessly integrates into your mobile payments app, mobile wallet app, or mobile platform. Only two API calls are needed to invoke our on-demand multi-factor authentication. It’s the easiest, most lightweight implementation for mobile payment security. Combine that with SurePassID’s one-click integration with Microsoft Active Directory® or OpenLDAP, as well as ADFS 2.0 support for federated identity providers, and you have the fastest path to an end-to-end security solution that is as robust as it is simple

Secure Your SuenoPay Wallet

The SuenoPay platform is an integrated electronic payment solution developed with MasterCard International (one of the largest retail banks in the world). It allows businesses to reduce or eliminate the time-consuming processes of traditional employee payment methods, such as cash, checks or vouchers. Realizing that security is an important component of their solution, SuenoPay chose SurePassID TapID for EMV, TapID virtual authenticator, and enterprise class SurePassID Multi-factor Authentication Server to secure their eWallet. Learn about SuenoPay here, and SuenoPay Plus here.

Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover fraud is a big problem and it’s on the rise since the introduction of the “chip card” or EMV card in the U.S. If you still rely on one-step password authentication, your accounts are in danger. Employing advanced multi-authentication security is the only way to protect your business, bank accounts, and so forth. Read this blog post to learn more about preventing account takeover fraud.

Add Another Level of Security with 3-D Secure

We are serious about security, and so we added an additional security layer for credit and debit card transactions. Meet 3-D Secure, Version 2.0 offers a comprehensive authentication solution to protect both eCommerice and mCommerce transactions. It provides an added punch to cyber criminals thanks to its new authentication schemes, such as frictionless and challenge based user authentication methods as part of a risk-based authentication model. Based on the transaction risk, the issuer can decide to challenge the user to provide additional information to verify their identity. The challenge can be a One-Time Passcode or a Push Challenge to the user’s mobile device. To see this high-level security in action, you can go to the EMVCO site and watch the demo here.

SurePassID offers the following challenge authentication mechanisms for 3-D Secure:

  • One-Time Passcode – SurePassID Dynamic Secure Card Code (EMV payment card, mobile app, mobile app libraries integrated into an issuer’s mobile app)
  • FIDO U2F Native – TapID EMV, Any FIDO U2F compatible device
  • Push Authentication


Compliance-Grade Security for a Fraction of the Cost

SurePassID offers security that meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements of compliance regimes like PCI DSS and FIPS 140-2 Level 3. Banking, financial services and payments partners and customers can leverage SurePassID for rapid compliance and elastic scalability – all without incurring the costs and vendor lock-in of legacy two-factor authentication solutions such as RSA or Vasco.

For more information about securing mobile payments, mobile wallets and mobile platforms with SurePassID, email or call +1 (888) 200-8144.

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