Internet of Things (IoT)

Massively scalable, end-to-end security
for connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT)

SurePassID’s next-generation identity, cloud and mobile security solution is ideal for securing the Internet of Things (IoT). We solve the IoT problem domains of scalability across millions of connected devices, complexity of mesh networks, proliferation of internet identities, multi-factor authentication, and cost-effectiveness.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Tenets of the Secure Internet of Things (IoT)

Everything has an identity that must be managed

– Places, people, applications, networks, devices, and machines all have identities within the IoT. SurePassID makes managing those diverse identities easy by seamlessly integrating with apps, devices, federated identities, and legacy IT infrastructures.

Security must be strong, seamless, transparent and painless

– SurePassID makes security simple by embedding multi-factor authentication and strong encryption at the device level. Users enjoy the convenience of password elimination yet are protected by strong authentication.

Access must be secure

– Access to devices, applications and user accounts within the IoT must be secure. SurePassID’s libraries and APIs make integration fast and convenient, allowing access to be locked down with a full audit trail.

Solutions must scale

The IoT will encompass 50 billion devices by 2020, according to Ciscoby 2020, according to Cisco. SurePassID’s solution is cloud-based, multi-tenant and massively scalable – and based on multi-factor authentication, since certificate-based authentication is prohibitive to scale. But we also leverage open standards, automation and centralization, and an on-demand service model to scale cost-effectively.

SurePassID’s End-to-End Solution

SurePassID’s solution for the IoT is built on a revolutionary end-to-end security framework. SurePassID code is built in at the chip level, enabling microcontrollers, communication chips, and smart sensors to function as secure nodes. SurePassID libraries enable device manufacturers, network operators, and integrators to leverage SurePassID-enabled chips at the device level, or load SurePassID onto the communication chips they are using. SurePassID APIs are embedded at the application level, enabling secure passwordless access by authenticated users and other devices. The result is simple, scalable and seamless end-to-end security across connected devices within the IoT.

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For more information about SurePassID’s solution for the Internet of Things (IoT), email or call +1 (888) 200-8144.

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