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Add MFA to your login and authentication processes with SurePassID Universal MFA and our SurePassID API.

SurePassID API for integrating multi-factor authentication

The SurePassID Application Programming Interface (API) consists of a series of methods that allow you to request multi-factor authentication-related services from the SurePassID Universal MFA server. The API provides the following services:

  • User, Device, and Authenticator Management
  • User Authentication
  • User Session Management

Using the SurePassID API, developers can also invoke administrative services, such as the creation, retrieval, updating, and deleting of users, devices, authentiators, integrations, and more.

The SurePassID API is delivered in two interfaces that enable any application (desktop applications, cloud applications, mobile apps, etc.) in any software development language, on any platform, to instantly support multi-factor authentication. The two interfaces are:

  • Windows WCF Service – Primarily for any native Microsoft Windows applications.
  • REST/Json interface – All other systems.

To maintain the utmost level of efficiency and throughput, the SurePassID API interface is a stateless interface. Each API request has no relationship to a previous request and you must maintain application state in your application.

Comply Fast and Easily

SurePassID installs within minutes and seamlessly integrates with your apps, identity providers, and network architecture.

Reduce Costs

From universal pricing of $5/user/month to highly-automated administration, SurePassID allows you to deploy MFA and reduce costs.

Increase User Convenience

Push authentication, password elimination, Secure SSO, and more. Deploy a highly secure solution while delighting your users.

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