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Postman Integration

Easily test and use the SurePassID REST API via Postman.

Postman integration via SurePassID Universal MFA and REST APIs

SurePassID Universal MFA Postman collections allow developers, testers, and quality assurance teams to easily test and use the SurePassID REST Application Programming Interface (API) via Postman. There are three SurePassID API collections to choose from:

  • SurePassID FIDO 2 API – APIs for the SurePassID Universal MFA server with FIDO2.
  • SurePassID UAF API – APIs for the SurePassID Universal MFA server with UAF.
  • SurePassID API – All SurePassID APIs, such as token validation, push token management, user management, token management, etc.

The collection determine the type of authentication support that will be part of your application. Regardless of which SurePassID REST API you plan to use, the steps to add the API(s) to Postman are the same.

All the SurePassID API Postman collections are JSON files that can be easily imported into Postman. Once imported, you can use Postman’s interface to run API requests.

Test Fast and Easily

Postman was built to quickly and easily test APIs. Leverage that capability with SurePassID REST APIs and our Universal MFA platform.

Save Time to Deployment

Rapid testing = rapid deployment. Use Postman and SurePassID APIs to lock down your universe with MFA – rapidly.

Increase User Convenience

Push authentication, password elimination, Secure SSO, and more. Deploy a highly secure but convenient solution with SurePassID APIs.

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