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Windows MFA Login with Offline 2FA

Secure Windows login, online and offline, with SurePassID Universal MFA.

Keeping Windows login secure – in all use cases

SurePassID seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems to add two-factor authentication (2FA) to local and Remote Desktop logins. Enforcing Zero Trust and maintaining secure access to company resources has never been easier.

But what if the user is offline when trying to login? Then SurePassID automatically falls back to an OATH HOTP (event-based) passcode generated by their Push Authenticator app or other registered authenticator. The result is end-to-end authentication that doesn’t inconvenience the user or result in calls to your helpdesk.

Login to Windows using MFA/2FA in



“We’d reached a point where our salespeople were traveling more than ever and couldn’t work when offline. I asked IT for a solution and they wound up implementing SurePassID. It’s improved our productivity by a lot and keeps us focused on closing sales.”

Paul Johnson, SVP Global Sales, company confidential

Customer: Healthcare company sales department with 300 users
Problem: HIPAA compliance for traveling salespersons who were frequently offline and unable to login with MFA.
Solution: Implementing Windows 2FA Login with Offline 2FA login using SurePassID.

Lock Down Windows

Allowing Windows offline login without 2FA? That isn’t Zero Trust or regulatory compliant. Use SurePassID and eliminate that gap.

Login Securely Everywhere

Online or offline, SurePassID ensures that Windows Login is protected by 2FA for Zero Trust and regulatory compliance.

Maximize Security

SurePassID’s highly-secure solution for Offline 2FA leverages AES 256 encryption on the user’s remote device for even greater security.

Leverage Secure SSO

Turn secure Windows Login into one-click access to all authorized applications. SurePassID Secure SSO makes it easy.

Increase User Productivity

Ensure your users can always work when they need to – even while offline on airplane flights or in outlying or rural districts.

Reduce Costs

From universal pricing of $5/user/month to highly-automated administration, SurePassID ensures that you reduce your MFA costs.

Is Your Windows Offline Login Secure?

If not, contact SurePassID. We’ll help you find a solution that works with your requirements. Our free trial will show you just how easy it is to lock down your Windows logins.

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