TapID FIDO U2F Security Cards are Now Available

Mobile Authentication Just Got Easier

As more things go mobile, including the migrating fraud to the mobile channel, it is increasingly important to have better security for your mobile accounts and transactions. With the TapID FIDO U2F Security Card, you simply “tap” your card to your NFC-enabled Android mobile phone to send an encrypted, one-time passcode FIDO token to login to an account or execute a money transfer.

The TapID FIDO U2F Security Card is designed to fit in your wallet and can also be issued as a payment card with our exclusive TapID applet embedded in the EMV chip. This turns the average credit card into a powerful and simple authentication device for mobile wallet accounts and transactions.

The average user can purchase a TapID card from Amazon today. The TapID card will work with any FIDO-ready app or website such as Google, Facebook, DropBox, GitHub and a growing list of other companies such as PayPal, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Visa, Mastercard and many more.

FIDO is the New Security Standard

FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) U2F or Universal 2-Factor is the latest in authentication technology and a new standard growing in popularity due to its simple and strong approach to personal cyber security. As a 2nd factor, FIDO U2F tokens are used in conjunction with your username and password, making the password less important since one would need the physical token to gain access to your FIDO-protected accounts.

The TapID card is recommended as a top-rated product by BestLatest.

Maybe Apple will open up their NFC function to developers so iPhone users may also use the TapID card to secure their mobile accounts and transactions. Until then, only Android users can take advantage of the added security and convenience of the TapID FIDO U2F Security Card.

TapID FIDO U2F Details

For more information, you can get the data sheet here.

Happy tapping!