Fido U2F Certification For SurePassID

SurePassID, a leading provider of identity, cloud and mobile security solutions and a member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, today announced that its SurePassID Multi-Factor Authentication Server has been certified as compliant with the FIDO U2F (Universal Two-Factor) 1.0 authentication standard FIDO Certified™ .

FIDO_U2F Certified

SurePassID joins the vanguard of FIDO Alliance members in bringing this new strong authentication standard to consumers and the enterprise. The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance is an industry consortium launched in 2013 to revolutionize online security with open standards for simpler, stronger authentication. The FIDO Certified testing program is designed to measure compliance and ensure interoperability among products and services that support FIDO 1.0 specifications. SurePassID has been a member of the FIDO Technology Working Group since April 2013.

“The FIDO Alliance congratulates SurePassID on U2F 1.0 certification and on the company’s commitment to FIDO standards that deliver an innovative approach to strong authentication that removes many of the vulnerabilities associated with passwords and one-time passcodes, while simplifying the user experience,” said Brett McDowell, FIDO Alliance executive director. “We move closer to achieving our goal of ubiquitous authentication as FIDO Certified products are made available to a market ready to move beyond passwords with simpler, stronger authentication.”

The coveted U2F 1.0 certification demonstrates interoperability with multiple authentication devices and the SurePassID Multi-Factor Authentication Server is the only multi-tenant solution that works for cloud, mobile, and on premise. This is a major step in removing some of the main barriers to the adoption of strong authentication…cost, complexity, proprietary infrastructure and impact to users.

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