FIDO UAF Support Now Available

SurePassID FIDO UAF Server 2019 is Now Available for Early Release

SurePassID joined the FIDO Alliance shortly after FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) was founded and we quickly obtained the first FIDO-Certified server designation for U2F (Universal Two Factor) authentication. Since then, we have continued to recognize the growing need for faster, more convenient security for everyone and will always be committed to standards-based security so we are taking the next steps toward the FIDO Universal Server certification and now provide SurePassID FIDO UAF Server 2019 as an early release upgrade.

SurePassID FIDO UAF Server 2019 supports the following:

  • Support for FIDO UAF 1.1 standard – download specifications from the FIDO Alliance here.
  • FIDO UAF mobile client for Android and iOS – Add UAF authentication to your applications, enabling fast, strong, and convenient logins.
  • Complete interoperability with 3rd-party FIDO UAF authenticators – use the FIDO UAF token you already have.
  • Replace insecure passwords with user convenient bio-metrics such as fingerprint, voice recognition, and facial recognition to your mobile apps.
  • Extends the strong authentication methods already available in SurePassID MFA server such as One-Time Passwords (OTP), SurePassID mobile authenticator apps, and IVR authentication.

Available on these platforms:

Software Development Kit

  • Sample Code
  • Includes Postman collection for easy prototyping, troubleshooting, and regression testing
  • Swagger support for application code generation
  • Simple to use REST API endpoints
  • User account tokenization for username privacy and protection

Expert Technical Support

SurePassID has been an innovator in authentication solutions since its inception and well before. We are experts in authentication technologies, unique authenticators, and high-security architectures. Let us know what you need and we are confident we will help you accomplish your security goals.

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