SurePassID Earns Top 10 by Enterprise Security Magazine

SurePassID Considered Among the Most Trusted Authentication Software Providers

Our team is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized by ESM as one of this year’s top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers for enterprise security and government IT security modernization.

To be considered among the most trusted authentication software solutions is an honor. After SurePassID was analyzed and chosen to be in the top 10, the ESM team interviewed our CTO Mark Poidomani and VP Business Development, Kevin Raineri.

In the article, the co-founders discuss their goal of making two-factor authentication convenient, inexpensive, and universal for everyone to use at work, at home, and with all the new, “smart” connected IoT devices constantly being added to our daily lives.

SurePassID - Top 10 Identity and Access Management Enterprise Security Solution Providers
SurePassID awarded top 10 identity and access management solution providers 2018.


Two-Factor Authentication for Users and IoT Devices

ESM’s article discusses how SurePassID offers businesses and governments a full-stack solution to protect their customers’ and employees’ identities, as well as IoT devices’ credentials, relieving clients of the need to rely on passwords.

Both OATH compliant and FIDO-certified (the new standard by the FIDO Alliance), our platform allows users to choose the best token/method to authenticate into Windows (including offline authentication), servers, ADFS, web and mobile apps, remote access, and virtually any place a user login is required.

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Additionally, for IoT product manufacturers, the SurePassID Authentication-Server-on-a-Chip enables chip manufacturers to license our Embedded IoT Security solution and offer a new secure chip for IoT product makers to incorporate stronger security into IoT products at the design phase.

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As we enter our ninth year in business and our second year in the IoT Security “space race,” where we address the 72+% of IoT products with little or no security, we are truly grateful to receive this recognition.

We are working with top enterprise companies to secure everything from Cloud and On-Prem apps to connected healthcare devices, and also with governments to upgrade their security posture to modern authentication technologies and to secure critical infrastructure and military equipment.

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