Schools are a favorite target of cyber criminals and ransomware attacks. Put a stop to it with SurePassID Universal MFA.

Secure access to school resources with SurePassID Universal MFA

The increasing reliance on cloud apps, dependence on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and sudden adoption of remote learning have all impacted schools. Students, faculty, and staff need access to data from anywhere at any time and from any device they choose. This creates a new set of security challenges that educational organizations must meet – and while facing cyber threats aimed at student Personal Information (PI), credit card information for tuition and lunchroom payments, and more. How can educational organizations meet these challenges while their budgets are under greater pressure than ever?

SurePassID Universal MFA provides highly secure, highly extensible access to school resources. With full support for BYOD and convenient push authentication, we make it easy to deploy MFA to secure your educational organization with simple, frictionless authentication. Our universal pricing and educational discounts ensure that you can overcome your budget challenges too.

Reduce MFA costs per user



“SurePassID provided great value to our network of charter schools. We were able to deploy multi-factor authentication to our staff and students for less than we had budgeted, and their service and support has been outstanding.”

Jon Hwang, IT Administrator, Christian Charter Schools Consortium

Customer: E-learning provider with 10,000 users

Problem: Customer needed MFA for remote access with support for their legacy e-learning platform – while minimizing added administrative support.

Solution: SurePassID leveraged its developer SDK and API to integrate MFA with the customer’s legacy e-learning platform. Then our Universal MFA was rolled out to the entire user body. Thanks to our advanced automation tools, the customer’s IT staff and helpdesk saw almost no increase in support tickets.

Secure School Resources

SurePassID seamlessly integrates with your apps while providing students and staff with secure access via their own devices.

Reduce Costs of MFA

With special educational discounts and highly-automated administration, SurePassID allows you to deploy MFA and reduce costs.

Increase User Convenience

Push authentication, password elimination, and Secure SSO enable less-sophisticated users to use MFA without issue.

Need help securing your educational resources?

SurePassID can help answer your questions and find a solution. Or begin our free trial and secure your universe of users and resources with SurePassID Universal MFA.

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“We selected SurePassID due to their performance and professionalism during a multiple vendor competition for a two-factor authentication solution for our VPN and Outlook Web Access users. They listened to what was important to us, provided a solution summary reflecting what we wanted and, most important of all, delivered what they promised in the most expedient and efficient manner. We were up and running and trained in about two hours. Very impressive.”

Rodney Dor, PMP, CISA, CISSP
Senior Security Analyst
Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)