Rapid MFA for Shared Devices

Because Faster MFA Matters

When hundreds of users are sharing devices, faster MFA is critical to efficient operation. SurePassID rises to the challenge.

Don’t slow down for HIPAA, NIST 800-63 or CMMC compliance

Time is money, and inefficient means of authentication can waste it – especially when hundreds of users are sharing devices in a workplace or factory. SurePassID rises to the challenge by enabling you to:

  • Choose rapid authentication methods, including the world’s fastest – SurePassID TapID™
  • Deploy SurePassID on-premises to minimize network latency
  • Allow individuals to choose the MFA method that works best for them, since user convenience = speed

Customers deploying rapid MFA solutions for shared devices have eliminated critical bottlenecks in healthcare delivery and on the factory floor. We can help you eliminate your MFA bottlenecks too.

Save Time and Money

Time is money, in healthcare delivery and on the factory floor. Rapid MFA allows you to save both by enabling the fastest logins.

Increase User Convenience

Users of shared devices shouldn’t wait to login. With SurePassID’s easy, one-tap authentication methods, they never will.

Maintain Compliance

When MFA is a requirement, you can’t skip it for efficiency’s sake – and if your users are, you’re opening yourself to liability.

Easily Integrate

SurePassID easily integrates with your Active Directory or other identity provider, and our MFA API can be added to any application.

Log and Audit Everything

Logging and auditing user activity is vital to compliance. SurePassID logs everything for you, including user logoff.

Install On-Premises

For even faster MFA logins, SurePassID can be installed on-premises to minimize network latency when authenticating.

Do you need rapid MFA for shared devices?

Contact us and bring our MFA expertise to bear on your unique clinical, workplace or manufacturing environment. Or begin our free trial and experience rapid MFA for yourself.

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“We selected SurePassID due to their performance and professionalism during a multiple vendor competition for a two-factor authentication solution for our VPN and Outlook Web Access users. They listened to what was important to us, provided a solution summary reflecting what we wanted and, most important of all, delivered what they promised in the most expedient and efficient manner. We were up and running and trained in about two hours. Very impressive.”

Rodney Dor, PMP, CISA, CISSP
Senior Security Analyst
Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)