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  • Deployment Architectures
    • On-Prem (.msi or VM), Cloud, Hybrid, Containers, Embedded, IoT
    • Secure Areas, air-gapped systems, shop floors
  • Universal MFA
    • Federated Apps
      • ADFS, OpenID, SAML, Cloud Platforms
    • Access Control Apps
      • Windows-MacOS-Linux Login, RADIUS, RDP/SSH
    • Custom Apps
      • Cross Platform (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.)
      • REST API with SDK
      • Postman and Swagger Integrations
    • Secure SSO
  • Authentication Methods
    • Push, Passwordless authentication, OTP, SMS, FIDO, IVR
    • Software and hardware authenticators (OTP hardware tokens, OTP display cards, FIDO secret keys, and converged credentials)
  • Directory Integration
    • AD, LDAP, Third Party, SurePassID Directory
  • Log Management
    • Syslog, SIEM Integration