Push Authentication

SurePassID Push Authentication App

Push Authentication has become one of the most popular authentication methods due to its cost (Free Forever!), versatility and convenience. The versatility comes from the range of authentication levels you can achieve in a single app:

  • Basic Push Notification – when a login is attempted on a PC, network, VPN, or mobile app, the user will receive a pop-up notification on their provisioned mobile phone. The user simply Approves or Denies the login by touching the proper button.
  • Push Authentication App – this can be a branded stand-alone app that pops up when a login attempt is made, prompting the user to touch the Approve or Deny button.
  • Advanced Push Authentication – either of the above methods can be augmented with a second-factor requirement such as a fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, voice biometric or FIDO TapID Treo NFC keyfob or FIDO TapID Card.
  • Push Authentication with FIDO Virtual Token – Similar to Push Notification and Push Authentication App except the response will include a provisioned FIDO token. In other words, when the user registers the mobile phone, it is provisioned with a Virtual FIDO token, embedded in the Secure Element. When the user is prompted to Approve or Deny a login, upon Approval, a FIDO token is sent back to the server, authenticating the mobile phone as well as the user, preventing impersonation.

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