Windows Credential Provider with Two-Factor Authentication

SurePassID Credential Provider secures your Windows devices with 2FA online or offline.

Lockdown your Windows systems with SurePassID Windows Credential Provider.

The SurePassID Credential Provider works with any SurePassID server (cloud, on-premises) and supports all the SurePassID 2FA  One-Time Passcode (OTP) devices including key fobs, OTP display cards, FIDO U2F USB tokens, soft tokens, such as SurePassID Authenticator, Google Authenticator, and mobile app Push technologies such SurePass Mobile Push App, and SurePass Mobile Push App for FIDO U2F.

SurePassID Windows Credential Provider (WCP) for Win 8 Server
SurePassID Windows Credential Provider (WCP) for Win 8 Server
SurePassID Windows Credential Provider (WCP) for Windows 2FA login
SurePassID Windows Credential Provider (WCP) for Windows 2FA login

Offline 2FA  Support

The SurePassID Credential Provider solution supports offline authentication, allowing users to work securely when they do not have any network connectivity, such as in a car, train, plane, and insecure locations where wi-fi is purposely disconnected.  This is a tremendous advantage to maintain strong authentication for your local Windows login even when your authentication server is unavailable due to lack of a network connection.

Some offline options are:

  • Single Factor Only – Revert to username and password only. No 2FA required.
  • Require 2FA – OTP passcodes (mobile, fob, etc.) or FIDO U2F device must be used.

Other features:

  • Master Passcodes – Admins can set strong passcodes for extreme emergencies and then reset the master password for all users if compromised or shared.
  • System configuration export/import templates – Configure a single Windows system as your company standard and then easily replicate it to all other machines in the network. You can also easily burn it into your corporate Windows system images so it is automatically present on any new Windows systems.

SurePassID Credential Provider for Windows Availability

SurePassID Credential Provider can be installed on the following 32 and 64 bit Windows versions:

  • Windows 2008 – All versions
  • Windows 2012 – All versions
  • Windows 2016 – All versions
  • Windows 7 – Professional & Ultimate
  • Windows 8/8.1 – Professional & Ultimate
  • Windows 10

Strong Authentication Choices

  • Mobile OTP soft tokens
  • Hard OTP tokens/fobs
  • FIDO U2F USB tokens
  • Send Passcode To App
  • Send Passcode Via Email
  • Send Passcode Via Voice Call
  • SurePassID Mobile App Push Challenge
  • SurePassID Mobile App Push FIDO U2F Challenge

Additional product and technical information for the SurePassID Credential Provider can be found here.

SurePassID ServicePass (self-service portal) can be used to allow users to add, configure and manage OTP tokens for their account.

Try SurePassID 2FA for Windows today and take SurePassID Authentication for a test drive with our 60-day Free Trial.

To request more information on SurePassID Credential Provider, contact us via email at or call 1 (888) 200-8144.

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