Event Log Synchronization

Authentication event log synchronization provides a full audit trail to all login events.
Plus, it easily integrates into your existing log management tool.

Event Log Synchronization - Simplifies Authentication Audits
Event Log Synchronization – Simplifies Authentication Audits

How Event Log Synchronization Works

The Event Log Synchronization Application is a command line application that pulls information from the SurePassID Audit Trail down to your local system. The admin can pull the events into the Windows Event Log (default) or any 3rd-party Log Management solution.

Event Log Sync only pulls down the specific events configured by the administrator with simple check boxes, thus making event log sync easy and automatic. This allows you to only pull down a subset of information (such as errors only).

Flexible Event Sync Options

The EventLogSync application synchronizes the following SurePassID events with Windows Event Log or any other Log management tool:

  • SurePassID Event Log sync Informational Informational
  • SurePassID Event Log sync Action Required Action Required
  • SurePassID Event Log sync Severe Errors Severe Issues
  • SurePassID Event Log sync Warning Warning
  • SurePassID Event Log sync Success Success

Schedule Event Log Synchronization

The Event Log Sync process runs at any interval you want to schedule and easily integrates SurePassID events with your existing event log notification tools such as Splunk, Kaseya, Banana and Solar Winds.

The Event Log application (EventLogSync.exe) is located in the SurePassID Local Agent/Event Log Sync folder. Additional product and technical information for Event Log Sync can be found here.

For more information, please contact us via email sales@surepassid.com or call 1 (888) 200-8144.

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