Dynamic Card Security Codes

Prevent Card-Not-Present Fraud
Eliminate Credit Card Fraud for eCommerce and Mobile Payments.

SurePassID offers the leading solution.

What is a Dynamic Card Security Code (CSC)?

A dynamic CSC code replaces the printed code on the backside of plain old plastic credit cards. Instead of a never-changing CVV or CVC code, the code on Dynamic Cards changes every x amount of minutes, depending on user preference.

Take Back Your Security & Prevent Card-Not-Present Fraud

EMV chip cards eliminate most card fraud in brick-and-mortar stores, causing fraudsters to migrate to softer targets, specifically online and mobile transactions. In proof, card-not-present (CNP) fraud rates have spiked over the past 24 months. It’s past time for card issuers and banks to embrace the Dynamic Card Security Code and properly protect their customers.

Do you want to gain new customers and be at the forefront of innovation and credit card security? Of course you do! Adopting the Dynamic Card Security Code offers banks and card issuers the opportunity to protect their customers like never before.

SurePassID Offers a Complete Dynamic Card Security Code Solution

SurePassID offers a complete Dynamic Card Security Code solution including the SurePassID DCSC Authentication Service, the Dynamic CSC Mobile app and/or the Dynamic CSC Payment card (actual photo).  The SurePassID Auth server can be deployed to work with 3DSecure or any Access Control Server the issuer may have.

If you are interested in how Dynamic Card Security Codes can help your business, take a look at these:

For more technical information, check out the Dynamic Card Security Code datasheet.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, sign up for a free trial sandbox account and take Dynamic Security Codes for a test drive.

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