Active Directory Sync

The Directory Sync application is a command line application that synchronizes Active Directory/LDAP user information with the SurePassID directory, whether the SurePassID Authentication Server is in the cloud or on-premises. This saves time for security admins during initialization, as well as on-going operations when users are added, deleted or disabled.

The Directory Sync process can be scheduled to run at any interval, keeping your Active Directory or LDAP directory synchronized with the SurePassID Authentication server. The sync process can run on-demand, as needed, to initialize the SurePassID Authentication Server, or add groups of AD/LDAP users during a roll-out or after an acquisition, for example.

The Directory Sync application synchronizes the following data with SurePassID:

  • Username (SAMaccount name)
  • First Name (given name)
  • Last Name (surname)
  • Email (email)
  • Mobile Number (mobile)

The Directory Sync application syncs schema changes with SurePassID directory when the following events occur:

  • Changes to user information
  • Addition of new users
  • Disabling of users
  • Deleting users

The Directory Sync application (DirectorySync.exe) is located in the SurePassID Local Agent/Directory Sync folder. Additional product and technical information for Directory Sync can be found

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Automatically Synchronize Active Directory and LDAP Updates
Automatically synchronize Active Directory and LDAP updates with the SurePassID Multi-factor Authentication Server.

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