The Existential Cybersecurity Crisis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). OT systems were traditionally isolated on-prem. Convergence exposes those OT systems to the cloud. The result? An ever-increasing threat surface.

Worse, the threat environment is only intensifying. 83% of Operational Technology security leaders have suffered at least 1 breach in the past 36 months.

Some of the recent cyberattacks on critical infrastructure by hostile state actors and cyber criminals:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution isn’t going away, and neither is the existential cybersecurity crisis that accompanies it. SurePassID addresses this crisis with multi-factor authentication solutions for IT-OT convergence and on-prem OT, ICS, and SCADA systems.

Seamless Multi-Factor Authentication from Oldest Apps and Devices to Newest

You Have Authentication Challenges, We Have Solutions

Legacy Apps and Devices

From SCADA systems to network appliances that time forgot, SurePassID has tools to lock down your legacy apps and devices.

On-Prem Apps

On-prem FIDO2/WebAuthn. On-prem SAML2 IdP. On-prem OpenLDAP. SurePassID has the MFA solutions you need for on-prem.

Air-Gapped Systems

Secure areas and secure enclaves. Shop floors. Kiosks. Air-gapped systems come in all types. SurePassID has a solution for each one.

Private Clouds

Hosted or in Data Centers, SurePassID enables you to lock down your Private Cloud environments and all the apps within.

Critical Infrastructure Systems

Most Operational Technology (OT) was never designed for multi-factor authentication. SurePassID solves that challenge.


If you know the acronyms SCIF and SAPF, you know how important it is to secure them with MFA. SurePassID makes it easy.

One Platform, Many Benefits

Comply Fast and Easily

NIST 800-171, CMMC 2.0, PCI DSS and more. SurePassID makes full compliance easy.

Integrate Everywhere

Add MFA to your apps, lock down logical and physical access, and integrate with your SIEM.

Increase User Convenience

Passwordless and push authentication, plus Secure SSO – a winning combination for users.

Improve Future Extensibility

Everything you need when you need it, plus SurePassID’s innovation. We future-proof you.

Reduce Costs

Replace or consolidate legacy MFA point solutions with a single, complete solution – SurePassID.

Automate Administration

SurePassID has a robust set of automated processes and tools to make your job easier.

Kevin McDonald

“SurePassID is a valued partner for helping our clients achieve NIST 800-171 compliance. They meet requirements other MFA providers cannot and deliver outstanding support. We would recommend them to any company looking for a multi-factor authentication solution with a knowledgeable, committed team standing behind it.”

How SurePassID Engages with You

Implementing an MFA solution is easy with SurePassID. We use a proven engagement process to guide you through initial meetings to launch:

Step 1: Plan

Initial meetings to determine requirements and implementation.

Step 2: Pilot

30-day free trial to test implementation, authenticators, and use cases.

Step 3: Policymake

Configure policies for endpoint control, adaptive authentication, and more.

Step 4: Communicate

Inform users of changes using SurePassID’s communication templates.

Step 5: Train

Help desk and end-user training on MFA and authenticator support.

Step 6: Launch

Go live and benefit from SurePassID’s highly secure, highly extensible MFA platform.

Ready to experience the SurePassID difference?

Contact us and bring our MFA expertise to bear on your unique requirements. Or begin our free trial and see how easy it is to secure your universe with SurePassID Universal MFA.