Mobile OTP and Desktop OTP

Free multi-factor authentication Mobile OTP (One-Time Passcode) soft tokens for any mobile device and windows desktops/laptops

Mobile OTP soft tokens are the software equivalent of a physical two-factor hardware authentication token. SurePassID Mobile Authenticator and Desktop Authenticator are container apps allowing mobile devices and Windows desktops/laptops to store and display OTP soft tokens. Both apps can store an unlimited number of OTP soft tokens.

Soft Tokens Are Free And Versatile

SurePassID Mobile Authenticator and Desktop Authenticator apps are free downloads offering the lowest-cost option for multi-factor authentication soft tokens. Even enterprises issuing hardware OTP tokens can deploy SurePassID Mobile Authenticator and Desktop Authenticator as an excellent secondary or backup authentication method in case users forget or lose their hardware token.

SurePassID Mobile Authenticator can also be used in offline situations (user is logging into their Windows laptop on a plane) where there is no access to existing corporate networks. Desktop Authenticator is particularly useful for quality assurance regression testing of multi-factor authentication apps.

Soft Token Advantages

The SurePassID Mobile Authenticator and Desktop Authenticator soft tokens offer the following advantages over traditional hardware tokens:

  • Soft tokens hold a virtually unlimited number of SurePassID OTP soft tokens
  • In addition to QR codes for token activations, both applications support one-click installation of soft tokens increasing user satisfaction and eliminating security flaws inherent with QR codes.
  • No need for users to carry additional hardware tokens – just their phone.
  • Soft tokens are created instantaneously and electronically distributed to your users. Conversely, traditional hardware tokens must be sent to individual users.
  • They are digital and thus are inherently less costly than traditional hardware tokens. Perfect for budget-constrained companies.
  • Soft tokens are delivered to users in a matter of minutes. Hardware tokens can often require a set of operational procedures for the distribution of physical corporate assets.

SurePassID Mobile Authenticator is available for the following mobile devices:

SurePassID Desktop Authenticator is available on the following Windows systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 (all versions)
  • Windows 10 (all versions)

SurePassID also provides built-in support for Google Authenticator for enterprises that require that specific mobile OTP application.

Additional product and technical information for these products can be found here.

SurePassID ServicePass (self-service portal) can be used to allow users to add, configure and install mobile OTP tokens to their account.


For more information on SurePassID Mobile Authenticator and Desktop Authenticator, contact us via email at or call 1 (888) 200-8144.

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