John Penn of Forrester on Cloud Security

Secure Your Cloud with SurePassIDI just read a an article in eWeek magazine that summarized a “Security and the Cloud” report authored by Forrester analyst Jonathan Penn.

In that report Penn reports that “Concerns about cloud security have grown in the past few years,” he added. “In 2009, the fear was abstract: a general concern, as there is with all new technologies when they’re introduced. … Today, however, concerns are both more specific and more weighty. We see organizations placing a lot more scrutiny on cloud providers as to their controls and security processes, and they are more likely to defer adoption because of security inadequacies than to go ahead despite them.”

In the report, Penn wrote that the areas most likely to provide opportunities in the cloud for vendors are data security, identity and access management, cloud governance, application security and operational security. I suggest reading the article because the “opportunities” he identifies are also areas your company should be thinking about.

SurePassID can help you get to a secure cloud-based architecture and protect your systems with true Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and data protection strategies that fit seamlessly into the Microsoft cloud technologies and infrastructure such as Windows 365, Forefront UAG, AD, and ADFS 2.0. If your company lacks the cloud expertise to get started, we also offer a free consultation to help your company create a road map to the cloud. The sooner you start planning for the cloud, the sooner you will get there – and the more secure you will be.

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