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Secure access by partners to authorized apps with SurePassID Universal MFA

Partners deserve your trust. Verify it with SurePassID Universal MFA.

Partners are a special category of external user. They don’t work for you, they work with you. Thus it may not be possible for you to vet them to the same extent as employees or contractors. How can provide partners with access to your organization’s resources without jeopardizing security, Zero Trust policies, or regulatory compliance?

SurePassID Universal MFA makes it easy and cost-effective to extend MFA to partners. Internal APIs exposed to partners can be authenticated. Special security policies can be enforced to restrict their access in multiple ways. And by using MFA, you ensure that Zero Trust policies or regulatory compliance isn’t compromised.

Reduce MFA costs for partner users



“SurePassID has helped several of our clients achieve NIST 800-63 compliance. They met requirements other providers couldn’t and delivered outstanding support. We would recommend them to any company looking for a multi-factor authentication solution with a knowledgeable, committed team standing behind it.”

David Halberstrom, Senior Project Manager, Talmadge IT Solutions

Customer: Specialized defense contractor with 250 partner user accounts

Problem: Customer won a contract requiring technical collaboration with multiple project partners. Given the sensitive nature of the shared IP, they needed MFA with additional security features.

Solution: SurePassID already has the most secure MFA implementation and authenticators in the industry. With technical advice about hardening their systems, customer was able to achieve their requirements.

Trust But Verify

SurePassID Universal MFA ensures that partner users are authenticated with MFA and their access to your resources is locked down.

Maintain Compliance

Partner users with access to your resources need MFA for Zero Trust and regulatory compliance. SurePassID makes it easy.

Increase Collaboration

Partners may be a vital part of your organization’s success. Increase your ability to work closely with them – securely.

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