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Provide customers with secure access using their own devices with SurePassID Universal MFA.

Ecommerce security and secure account access? Yes, please.

You and your customers have never been under greater threat of cyber attack. Security breaches resulting in credit card fraud, stolen personal information, and ransomware attacks can result in brand damage and lost customers.

SurePassID Universal MFA enables you to lock down customer user accounts without inconveniencing your customers. Passwordless FIDO authentication, risk-based authentication (also known as step-up/step-down authentication), and API authentication can be used to achieve your security requirements while keeping the customer experience frictionless.

Login with FIDO2 passwordless authentication



“SurePassID explained how we can use built-in FIDO authentication on Android and Apple phones to provide customers with a secure way of logging into their accounts on our website. SurePassID also explained alternatives like using a one time password sent by SMS. In one call with SurePassID I learned more about best practices and the pros and cons of different authentication methods than I had with any other vendor.”

Angel Velasquez, Owner, Velasquez Fine Arts

Customer: Ecommerce website specializing in luxury golf equipment

Problem: MFA was needed after a well-publicized security breach, but the user experience introduced too much friction.

Solution: SurePassID helped the customer define an MFA solution that used FIDO U2F and customer-branded FIDO Security Keys to provide passwordless, frictionless login to accounts.

Protect Customers and Brands

SurePassID Universal MFA prevents 99.9% of cyber attacks, including those that menace your customers and brand.

Deploy Cost-Effectively

Margins are tight already. SurePassID has per-user and per-authentication pricing to make sure MFA is cost-effective for you.

Delight Your Customers

Secure yet passwordless login using built-in FIDO authentication on BYOD devices – a frictionless user experience that’s delightful.

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