Who We Secure: External Users


SurePassID Universal MFA enables contractors to have secure access to authorized apps on any device, including their own.

Contractors are threat vectors. Secure them with SurePassID.

Most insider attacks are traced back to contractors. How can you ensure that these vital workers get access to the internal resources they need, on devices you don’t control, with maximal security and tracking? By using SurePassID Universal MFA.

SurePassID is the highly secure, highly extensible MFA platform for locking down access by all users, contractors included. No matter what apps – or APIs – they access or what devices they use, you have lock-down security with full logging and audit trail. Zero Trust and regulatory compliance for contractor users has never been easier.

Deploy compliant MFA to contractors



“SurePassID has helped several of our clients achieve NIST 800-63 compliance. They met requirements other providers couldn’t and delivered outstanding support. We would recommend them to any company looking for a multi-factor authentication solution with a knowledgeable, committed team standing behind it.”

David Halberstrom, Senior Project Manager, Talmadge IT Solutions

Customer: Automaker with 250 call center contractors

Problem: Contractors were being authenticated with weak security question-based authentication despite having access to many internal apps.

Solution: SurePassID leveraged push authentication and SIEM integration to provide a simple but highly-secure MFA solution. Our developer SDK and API was used to embed MFA in the call center app.

Comply Fast and Easily

SurePassID installs within minutes and seamlessly integrates with your apps, identity providers, and network architecture.

Reduce Costs

From universal pricing of $5/user/month to highly-automated administration, SurePassID allows you to deploy MFA and reduce costs.

Increase User Convenience

Push authentication, password elimination, Secure SSO, and more. Deploy a highly secure solution while delighting your users.

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