Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

SurePassID Universal MFA uses TDE with AES 256 to encrypt database files and protect all data at rest.


Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is a technology employed by Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle to encrypt databases at the file level. TDE encrypts databases both on the hard drive and on any backup media. TDE relies on a cipher, either AES or 3DES.

TDE is typically employed to achieve compliance with regulatory regimes such as PCI DSS, which require the protection of data at rest.

How SurePassID works with TDE

SurePassID Universal MFA uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database. TDE is combined with military-grade AES 256 encryption to ensure that all data at rest is maximally protected, no matter where it is stored or replicated. This achieves compliance with PCI DSS, NIST 800-111, and other cyber security requirements.

Automatically Comply

Encrypting data at rest is a standard requirement for regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Reduce Costs

SurePassID uses TDE with military-grade AES 256. You’re getting the best data security money can buy – for one universal price.

Encrypt Everywhere

TDE means that all your data is maximally protected – no matter where it’s stored or replicated.

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