Hardware Security Module (HSM)

SurePassID Universal MFA integrates with hardware and software HSMs to provide the highest level of cryptographic security.


A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a special trusted physical or logical device performing a variety of cryptographic operations, such as key management, key exchange, and encryption. An HSM is trusted because it is:

  • Hardened against physical and/or logical attack, which is certified in special laboratories
  • Built upon a security-focused operating system
  • Limited to a network interface that is strictly controlled by internal rules
  • Dedicated to actively hiding and protecting cryptographic material

How SurePassID works with a HSM

SurePassID Universal MFA can be used in conjunction with a HSM. By changing settings in the administrative portal, cryptographic processing and key management can be offloaded to the physical or logical HSM of your choice. Customers have deployed SurePassID with HSMs including Townsend HSM, Thales HSM, nCipher HSM, and Google Cloud HSM.

SurePassID also enables FIPS 140-2 compliance for government customers using Amazon GovCloud and Microsoft Government Cloud. We use Amazon AWS KMS (Key Management Service) and Microsoft Azure Key Vault KMS, both FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules, in conjunction with GovCloud and Government Cloud’s HSM encryption.

Comply with Requirements

HSMs are already mandated in many industries. SurePassID allows you to leverage MFA with a HSM – seamlessly.

Integrate Fast and Easily

SurePassID quickly and easily integrates with all the leading HSMs, including AWS CloudHSM and Azure Dedicated HSM.

Improve Performance

For customers with high volumes of MFA authentications, offloading cryptographic processing to a HSM improves performance.

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