How We Secure: Directory Integration

SurePassID Directory

SurePassID Universal MFA can function as a primary, secondary, or tertiary directory depending on your MFA process flow needs.


SurePassID Universal MFA has built-in directory services. This optional capability enables SurePassID to address the widest range of deployment requirements and complex MFA process flows.

How SurePassID works as a directory

SurePassID Universal MFA’s built-in directory capabilities allow it to be used as a primary, secondary, or tertiary directory in MFA process flows. It also enables SurePassID to function as a complete solution for small organizations which lack a directory server or services of their own.

All SurePassID Directory functionality is accessible via the administrator portal or invoked via API. Full technical documentation is available to customers, trial users, and upon request.

Maximize Extensibility

No matter what your deployment requirements or MFA process flow needs, SurePassID can leverage its directory to provide a solution.

Overcome Gaps in AD

Have users who aren’t part of your AD but still need to access your resources? Secure them using SurePassID’s directory.

Use for Complete Solution

If your organization lacks a directory server or services, SurePassID can function as a complete solution for you.

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