FIDO Security Keys

SurePassID Universal MFA supports all FIDO UAF, U2F and FIDO2 security keys.

Mobile, standalone, and converged FIDO security keys

As a certified FIDO Universal Server, SurePassID offers multiple FIDO security keys in all FIDO protocols to meet any use case. Embrace the convenience of passwordless and biometric authentication with FIDO.

SurePassID FIDO Authenticator App

Passwordless MFA for BYOD

Eliminate passwords when used in conjunction with on-phone biometrics, such as the fingerprint reader. Logins have never been faster – or more secure.


Choose whichever standard OATH algorithm your Zero Trust and regulatory compliance requires. Or mix-and-match across your user base. The SurePassID Push Authentication app and MFA platform give you unparalleled flexibility.

No cellular network = no problem

With SurePassID’s fallback authentication methods, users can generate an OTP passcode on their devices. The same MFA security – with no need for help desk support.

Integrate into your existing platform or applications

SurePassID’s rich SDK allows you to add FIDO U2F authentication for secure access. Then use the FIDO Authenticator App for fast, frictionless login.

Free to download and use

End users will delight in the convenient SurePassID Push Authentication app. With a single tap, users can verify their identity and begin securely accessing resources. Alternatively, users can easily deny unrecognized login attempts and prevent bad actors from accessing your resources.

FIDO Security Keys with OATH

TapID Treo 3-in-1 Security Key

Treo Pro 3-in-1 Security Key


The TapID Treo 3-in-1 Security Key provides authentication for both FIDO and OATH platforms.


The Treo Pro 3-in-1 Security Key is only a few millimeters thick but remarkably sturdy.

FIDO TapID OneCard Converged Credential

Eliminate separate ID badges, fobs, and door access cards by combining all functions into a single credential.

Open doors and login to Windows with true two-factor authentication with a tap of the OneCard.

Shared workstations with an NFC reader to enable Windows AD logins with a PIN and tap of the OneCard for two-factor authentication

  • HID Prox + FIDO U2F
  • Physical and logical access
  • Contactless (NFC)
  • ISO 7810 and 7816 compliant
  • Customize with your own artwork

Have questions about FIDO and security keys?

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