Desktop Authenticator

Deploy two-factor authentication to any Windows desktop with a simple app that’s easy to use and provision.

Two-factor authentication on any Windows desktop

SurePassID Desktop Authenticator is a Windows application that acts as a container for storing SurePassID desktop security tokens. Each SurePassID desktop token is a software version of a physical two-factor authentication token.

The Desktop Authenticator offers the following advantages over traditional hardware devices:

  • Desktop Authenticator tokens can be created instantaneously and electronically distributed to your users. Conversely, traditional hardware devices must be sent to individual users.
  • Desktop Authenticator tokens are software and as such they are inherently less costly than traditional hardware devices. Perfect for budget constrained companies.
  • Thousands of Desktop Authenticator devices can be rolled out in a matter of hours. Hardware devices can often require a set of operational procedures for the distribution of physical corporate assets.

Although the Desktop Authenticator application can be used in lieu of a physical token for production, it can really be useful in system testing of new two-factor authentication systems because you can easily create test tokens in a matter of seconds.