Authentication Methods

Push Authentication

SurePassID Universal MFA turns any mobile device into a universal authenticator for fast, frictionless multi-factor authentication.

Strong, compliant authentication with one-tap user interaction

With a single tap, users can verify their identity and begin securely accessing resources. Alternatively, users can easily deny unrecognized login attempts and prevent bad actors from unauthorized access. Best of all, push authentication is highly secure as an MFA out-of-band and anti-replay attack method.



  • Most convenient
  • Free to download and use
  • Easy to self-provision with QR code
  • Open standards-based (OATH)
  • Event-based (HOTP) or time-based (TOTP)
  • Not vulnerable to out-of-band (OOB) or replay attacks
  • Compliant with NIST 800-63, DFARS/CMMC, and other regulatory regimes
  • Requires a cellular connection
  • Requires a data plan

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