Authentication Methods

One Time Password (OTP)

SurePassID Universal MFA supports open standard time-based and event-based authentication in multiple delivery methods.

OTPs of any numeric length for secure, compliant authentication

One time passwords (OTPs) are an authentication method used as part of two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA):

Something you know (Username/Password)
Something you have (One Time Password)

OTPs are unique passwords that are only valid for a single login session for a defined period of time. OTPs are generated via the open standard OATH HOTP (event-based) or TOTP (time-based) algorithm. A variety of user authenticators can be used to generate OTPs, or they can be generated separately and sent to users via SMS, IVR, email or other means.



  • Open standards-based (OATH)
  • Event-based (HOTP) or time-based (TOTP)
  • Can work offline, depending on the authenticator
  • Can be generated by a wide variety of authenticators
  • Can be generated and sent to user
  • Not vulnerable to replay attacks
  • Not vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, depending on the authenticator
  • Less convenient – requires user to manually enter OTP
  • Added cost, if issuing OTP hardware tokens
  • Users can’t auto-provision, if issuing OTP hardware tokens
  • Can be lost or stolen, if issuing OTP hardware tokens or using OTP mobile apps with issued phones or BYOD

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