Authentication Methods

Backup Methods

SurePassID Universal MFA provides multiple backup methods which administrators can select for emergency use.

Any method can be used for backup authentication

The widest variety of backup authentication methods

At SurePassID, we know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to MFA – and backup authentication methods. Different organizations have different use cases and requirements. Thus we offer the widest variety of backup authentication methods.

SurePassID Universal MFA enables any authentication method to be used as a backup authentication method. Administrators can specify the backup authentication method or methods for any given user account. Alternatively, users can be allowed to choose their own backup method or methods from a pre-approved list.

For additional security, backup authentication methods can be specified for emergencies only. Once used, an alert can be sent to IT security or helpdesk staff for human intervention, or the user account can operate on a less-privileged basis according to security policies.

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