Protecting Government SystemsSurePassID Government Security Software Made in USA medium

Today, one of the most important national security concerns is protecting digital identities and access to our government systems, applications, websites, and networks. With SurePassID, you can protect all points of access while achieving government security and compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) controls for strong authentication.

Accelerate IT Modernization for Greater Government Security… 800-63 Compliance and Beyond

SurePassID Authentication Server / Cloud Service can be deployed within minutes to get you started with authentication to Windows, Active Directory/ADFS, VPN/Remote Access, Web & Mobile apps, LDAP, and legacy systems. With a commitment to always stay based on open standards, you can rest assured your authentication solution will always be ready to secure your next IT security modernization project. NIST is scheduled to approve the new FIDO standard this year for government use, extending the token types to include stronger, more convenient user authentication. Click here to get started with a free 60-day trial of our fully functional cloud-based sandbox. When you are ready to make a purchase, you decide which deployment option you want – Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid (both).

Struggling With Credentials in the Mobile First World? Modern Authentication for Government Security Made Easy

Upgrade your mobile security status with several options for mobile app authentication using our suite of REST API functions or our Virtual Mobile Authentication app to enable your mobile phone to become a powerful authenticator with additional options for PIN, contactless tokens (NFC/BLE), and biometrics such as fingerprint, facial, or voice recognition.

Want to turn user smartphones into a powerful authentication device?  Check out our Mobile Authenticator app for OTP generation, Push Notifications, Push OTPs, PIN-Safe Push Authentication, Push Voice (calls user’s phone and prompts for approval action), and other functions.

Contact us for more information about how to improve government security and to schedule a demo. (888) 200-8144, ext 102 or

On-Prem, Cloud, Or Hybrid: Compliant Authentication Solutions for Your Digital Transformation Needs

Every environment has different needs and different use cases, some within the same organization. With SurePassID, you can deploy an On-Prem server in a secure facility without Internet or network access to the outside world. In the same organization, you can also deploy our Cloud Auth service for everyone outside of the secure facility. In some cases, the same user needs to work in both environments, creating a need to use the same username and token(s) in both environments. We support that scenario and many other complex government security requirements, as well as, as the more simple and straightforward single server environment.

But wait… there’s more!  SurePassID can also be deployed as a multi-tenant server or cloud service, further extending your capabilities to segment groups of entities, departments, employees versus citizens, etc.  Need to extend authentication to another department but maintain centralized administrative control over all departments or groups? Deploy the SurePassID Multi-tenant option included in your SurePassID platform. You only pay for active users so you can simply turn it on, add users, and leverage this multi-divisional capability that enables you to decentralize group authentication administration while maintaining a single, overall “Super Administrative” visibility and control over all tenants.

Got FIDO? Test Drive FIDO Authentication for Secure Citizen-facing Web and Mobile Apps

FIDO stands for Fast IDentity Online and was developed by the FIDO Alliance to make strong authentication better and more convenient for everyone. FIDO is designed to eliminate passwords or minimize the importance of them. SurePassID is one of the first FIDO Alliance members to pass all 4 certification tests with flawless results, making our server fully FIDO Certified. That means you can deploy FIDO certified authentication solutions both internally and for customer or citizen-facing applications.

As a universal 2nd Factor (U2F), FIDO tokens are readily available for consumer purchase online and can be used on any FIDO-certified platform, reducing token costs for internal deployments and making it easy for external customers or citizens to use a FIDO token they already have or easily get one from Amazon such as our TapID Treo 3-in-1 FIDO U2F and OATH HOTP Security Key.

Sign up for a free 60-day trial with a cloud-based sandbox account and try it out today!

FIDO is currently in the process of being approved by NIST for government security which makes SurePassID the ideal authentication solution since we support both OATH and FIDO standards today.

Need Offline Windows Authentication or an Out-of-Band Solution? Check out SurePassID Credential Provider

Concerned about Windows laptops getting into the wrong hands? Most solutions fall short with their Windows Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) login solution falling back to the weak and unsafe username & password mode when offline or without an Internet connection.  SurePassID’s Windows Credential Provider keeps your Windows computers safe even when offline by forcing 2FA during offline logins, preventing unwanted access by hackers, thieves or inside threats. Get SurePassID Windows Credential Provider and lock down your Windows computers even when offline.

Strongest Authentication ControlsElevate government security by adding SurePassID two-factor authentication

Authenticate federal employees, contractors, and third-party workers or guests who are accessing government systems, networks, websites, and mobile apps with the strongest authentication tools available for government security today. From SurePass Push Authentication to the new FIDO authenticators and biometric technologies, SurePassID delivers the widest variety of authentication options to suit your needs and help you meet the NIST 800-53/63/171 requirements.

Need authentication solutions to meet CJIS standards?  SurePassID can help law enforcement agencies meet those standards for Advanced Authentication.

SurePassID is currently protecting the government systems at the U.S. Capitol Police Department, Toronto Government, CBO, and other government agencies and contractors as they sought out and found SurePassID to be the most advanced, robust, cost-effective and convenient authentication platform on the market.

Secure Every ApplicationGovernment security for agencies and contractors

SurePassID enables you to easily integrate strong authentication with websites, cloud apps, mobile apps, on-premises applications including legacy systems, VPN/RDP, ADFS, Linux/PAM, and many more.

SurePassID also provides Secure Single Sign-On where users have their own personal web portal to access all of their cloud applications with a single login with Two-Factor Authentication, making it convenient and more secure than simple SSO.

Lock Your WindowsGovernment security 2FA for Windows Login including OFFLINE logins.

Yes, we do. And you can too. With SurePassID Windows Credential Provider (WCP), you can enforce 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Windows logins, including OFFLINE logins when no connection to the network or Internet is available.  Other solutions fall back to single-factor (username and password) when access to the cloud authentication service or on-prem auth server is unavailable. With SurePass WCP, you can enable offline 2FA Windows logins for any length of time, extending the strongest authentication technology to laptops and desktops that may contain highly classified and confidential information that must be protected under all circumstances.

Have It Your WayCloud, On-Prem or Hybrid - Have government security your way

SurePassID is available as a Cloud Service, On-Premises server, or a Hybrid deployment depending on your needs and security policies.

We protect some of the most high-security environments for Governments and Government Contractors, where an On-Premises solution is required. In some cases, mobile phones, car key fobs, and USB devices are not allowed into high-security facilities and there is no Internet or outside network access. In these environments, SurePassID Auth Server enables those users to authenticate to a local On-Prem Auth server with One-Time Password (OTP) Cards or fobs, or SurePassID OneCards, the converged credential with OTP and HID eProx for physical and logical access.

High-security environments may also need a Hybrid solution where some of the same users that work in the high-security facility also need to work and authenticate into non-high-security networks in other regions or buildings of an agency or contractor. In this case, SurePassID Cloud Auth Service can be used to authenticate those dual-role users with the same username and assigned tokens.

Speaking of dual roles, SurePassID supports “shared tokens” for privileged users with both Admin and non-Admin roles. Two different usernames for both Admin and non-Admin tasks, same token. The token can be an OATH OTP type or the new FIDO U2F authenticators. Try it today!

It Just Keeps Getting BetterWe are OATH compliant and FIDO Certified - always open standards for government security

SurePassID is based on open standards and will always stay in front of the authentication standards curve. We currently support both OATH and FIDO standards, protecting your investment and extending your options to use any combination of token types to suit your various user scenarios and access requirements.

Why wait? Take it for a test drive today.

Try It Now

Sign up for a 60-day free trial, no strings attached. You’ll get a full-featured cloud-based sandbox account that takes 5 minutes to setup and gets you started on a pilot to prove the SurePassID solution will address your government security needs. On-premises trials can also be arranged for a nominal setup fee that can be applied as a credit to your purchase.


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