FIDO U2F Products for Simple Strong Authentication

SurePassID offers the most comprehensive full-stack FIDO U2F solution that covers laptops, desktops, mobile and embedded systems.

FIDO-Certified Authentication Server

The SurepassID enterprise-class server supports the full range of FIDO U2F, One-Time Passcode and Push Authentication methods. The server is available in the following configurations to meet your security and corporate governance requirements:

  • SurePassID Cloud Server – Microsoft Azure Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • On-premises Server – Install in your data center
  • Whitebox Server – Brandable solution for Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) or Value-Added Resellers (VAR’s)
  • Embedded Server – for IoT gateways, digital networking, and connected devices

Get started with a FIDO Quick Start Kit today and get FIDO-enabled to offer simple, strong MFA security for your employees and customers.

Certified FIDO U2F Tokens

  • TapID Treo – 3-in-1 FIDO U2F USB & NFC token plus OATH OTP for non-FIDO platforms such as VPNs

Get the TapID Treo on Amazon now.

Get the data sheet here.

SurePass TapID Treo 3-in-1 Microfob FIDO+OATH USB-NFC

SyrePassID TapID NFC Card

  • TapID Card – contactless (NFC) FIDO U2F smart card for ID or Android mobile authentication applications. Get the TapID FIDO U2F NFC Card on Amazon.
  • TapID for EMV Cards – EMV payment card with U2F applet for NFC mobile app login card – Just Tap ‘n Go!
  • SurePassID Exclusive: TapID Virtual Mobile U2F Token in action – U2F soft token with integrated on-mobile biometric security. Included as part of the FIDO U2F Mobile SDK. Supports Apple TouchID, Samsung fingerprint, and other facial and voice recognition technologies.

FIDO Plug-In Apps

  • Windows Login Credential Provider – Login to Windows with a FIDO U2F USB, Bluetooth or NFC token
  • Linux PAM/SSH Library – FIDO U2F push library. Sends a verification prompt to the user’s mobile phone via pop-up notification, integrated Push App or SMS text. Also supports OATH OTP.
  • Push U2F Authentication Library – Allows any app on any platform to request U2F authentication from the user’s mobile device.
  • SAML2 Identity Provider – SAML2 Identity Provider with integrated FIDO support.
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) – Protect OWA with FIDO authentication.
  • ServicePass – Self-service portal that allows end users to manage their FIDO tokens without Help Desk staff support.

Web Apps SDK (Chrome & Firefox)

The Web Apps SDK is comprised of sample web app code that demonstrates the following functions:

  • Device Enrollment – U2F registration including two factor authentication verification
  • User Login – U2F Sign
  • Key Management – U2F Registered Keys
  • Supports NFC and BLE tokens on iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows
  • Sample code – available for C# and PHP. The code shows you how to use the SurePass Authentication Server REST API

Native Mobile SDK

The following components are in the SDK:

  • Native Mobile Library – Your developers can use our library to integrate FIDO U2F into your own apps. Works with NFC, BLE, SurePass U2F virtual devices.
  • Demo Mobile App – Sample code that shows you how to use the library. Cut and paste the code into your own mobile apps.
  • Documentation Technical reference guide that helps you integrate the native mobile lib into your own application.

Secure Elements

Certified authenticator Java card applet – Turn any hardware device into a FIDO U2F capable authenticator in a fraction of the time.

On-line Technical Resources

For more information about our API reference documentation, technical reference documents, and technical support please check out our online documentation.

ServicePass – Self-service Portal

ServicePass is a full-service end user portal where users can self-manage their account including their Fido U2F tokens. Get more information here.

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